Equipment Dash Cams & Car Safety The Handi Holder – Magnetic Car Mount For Your Cell Phone?

The Handi Holder – Magnetic Car Mount For Your Cell Phone?


The Handi Holder is a new, innovative magnetic mount that all smartphone and tablet users can utilize. With the inevitable bumpy rides, it's important to have a mount that’s built to last. The Handi Holder is made with a rare earth magnet that is guaranteed to hold all devices in place.

What Is The Handi Holder?

The Handi Holder was created to assist those who have suffered from the constant slipperiness that comes with smartphones and tablets. It not only helps in convenience, but it also aids in a safer driver experience, because the Handi Holder provides people with the comfort of knowing that their devices are secure while they’re driving, so they don’t have to be preoccupied with their gadgets while they’re driving.

Recently, texting and driving has become an increasing issue, but with the Handi Holder, it can help to alleviate those issues because it allows for hands-free device use.

While the Handi Holder is not only convenient in the car, it can also be used in any location such as in the kitchen, making viewing recipes more accessible, the bathroom to watch your favorite TV shows while enjoying a nice warm bath, the gym, and even the laundry room. In addition to it being extremely efficient, the Handi Holder is something that can be used by everyone.

Adults can use it to make driving more productive, as you can use the Handi Holder to support devices while using navigation systems; the Handi Holder is also great for children during long car rides. What makes the Handi Holder even advantageous, is it’s easy application.

All it takes is the strong suction at the bottom of the device, and if preferred, the Handi Holder also comes with a vent mount that easily attaches to car vents. In addition to its easy application, no additional tools or alterations are necessary.

Features and Benefits

The Handi Holder is extremely sturdy, as it can hold not only phones, but tablets as well. It has a all-inclusive design that works for all phones and tablets including iPhone, Samsung, Windows, and so many more. Unlike your average phone or tablet holder that is made to fit certain phones or tablets, that isn’t an issue with the Handi Holder. In addition to the Handi Holder’s versatility, it is also has a 360 degree pivoting system that allows users to view their devices at any angle. The durability of the Handi Holder is unmatched, as it’s suction base allows the Handi Holder to stay put in any situation, as well as its magnetic hold that will hold all devices securely in place, while also allowing an easy release.

Handi Holder’s versatility goes beyond just being able to fit any types of phones and tablets. With the Handi Holder, it can be placed on any and all smooth and flat surfaces, as well as on car vents with the car vent mount.

Unlike competing device holders that are just simply used for the car, the Handi Holder can be used virtually anywhere. Furthermore, competing device holders are heavy, bulky, and take up a lot of space. However, with the Handi Holder, it is portable size, and is removable to take anywhere.

Price and Availability

The Handi Holder is available online only on the Handi Holder website for the small price of $10 USD.



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