Electronics Electro Flame Lighter – Best Rechargeable USB Tactical Lighter?

Electro Flame Lighter – Best Rechargeable USB Tactical Lighter?


The Electro Flame Lighter is a top of the line, flameless lighter that is now available for sale. It’s high-quality, tested and proven to work when you need it. To find out more about the Electro Flame Lighter, read this review today.

What is the Electro Flame Lighter?

The Electro Flame Lighter is a brand new personal lighter that is the future of flame. It is a tactical lighter that was launched recently and is part of wide range, of high quality tactical gear. The lighter is like no other lighter you’ve seen and you’ll likely be happy with the results the lighter produces.

From looking at it looks like a nice lighter. On the website, they call it the BadAss flameless lighter. It is Eco-Friendly and very unique. They are also new to the market place, so picking one up now would be a great idea.

Not sure how much better they work than gas lighters, but they should sever the purpose you need them for.


How Does the Electro Flame Lighter Work?

The lighter is a one touch system, that is designed to work in harsh conditions. It is an electric, dual beam lighter with no liquids to replace. It is 100% USB chargeable and takes zero batteries.

The lighter is 100% money back guaranteed and made of highly durable, aircraft-grade aluminum, zinc alloy encasing. It is eco-friendly and flameless. It lights cigarettes with ease and other similar items.

There’s no harsh chemicals, nasty flavors or dangerous butanes to replace or taste. It is said to be 100% windproof and water proof.

The Electro Flame Lighter is an individual device, designed for the rugged person. It was designed by a team of advanced engineers and made with zinc-alloy that works as an alternative energy source. It works differently than any butane lighter that runs on fuel.

The creators of the lighter claim that studies have shown how bad butane and gas is to your health. Especially when mixed with cigarette smoke. It’s possibly one of the leading causes of cancer and as a result may be responsible for the death of many people.

That’s why many people who smoke, have been searching for other sources to light their lighters. The Electro Flame Lighter is a purely new technology. It runs off simple electricity that can light everything you can imagine. It works on cigarettes, cigars, candles, incense and help wicks.

There is no lighter fluid required or needed and it is supposedly useable in all conditions nature can throw at you. The Electro Flame Lighter is the new, future of lighters in the world. And will soon replace all gas lighters.

A number of clinical studies have shown that the lighter works as recommended. It is healthier than butane lighters and eliminates a lot of the carcinogens that cause lung cancer, as well as other harsh chemicals. The chemicals used by butane lighters can build up in your system and cause a lot of long term health problems.

Since that’s the case, many people are opting for using new electric lighters. Instead of using butane as your burnable fuel source. The Electric lighter uses harmless electricity. It’s as simple as that. The lighter uses an electric, double current to create a powerful spark. And when you click the button and activate it, you make a complete circuit. The circuit creates a solid electric current between the two points of contact.

The electric lighter works because the electricity is exposed to air. And once it’s lit, you can light your cigarettes, your cigars, and anything else your heart desires. The lighter doesn’t have quite the same punch as a fuel lighter, but it does have the ability to light cigarettes. It is definitely not effected by wind, so if you’ve ever had that problem, you won’t anymore.

The lighter runs on completely rechargeable batteries. You never have to change them though; they’re charged through a USB. I’m not entirely sure how long the lighter will last, but it’s projected that it will last for a very long time. It’s likely that it will last much longer than a traditional butane lighter.

How Much Does the Electro Flame Lighter Cost?

The lighter comes in several different colors and buying options. You can choose to buy it solo or in a bulk package. Prices for bulk packaging and single are listed below in USD.

  • 1 Lighter is $56
  • 2 Lighters are $97
  • 3 Lighters are $117
  • 4 Lighters are $169
  • 5 Lighters are $145

The bulk pricing is great for groups and people looking to sell the lighters. They seem to be high-quality lighters that are well worth the money. Also, for the same price as a Zippo, there is no downside to buying one of these lighters. You’ll likely be glad that you try one out, and may even choose to use them over other lighters.

What Do Customers Say About the Electro Flame Lighter?


  • Wind and water proof
  • Healthier than gas lighters
  • No hassle of dealing with gas or butane


  • Not sure how long they last for
  • A USB is needed in order to charge

Should I Use the Electro Flame Lighter?

According to other people that have used the lighter, yes. It is a good product that anyone will be happy with. It’s wind proof and resistant to water. And since you don’t have to use gas, you’ll save money there. So final verdict is a definite yes, it’s a great lighter for anyone who needs it.



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