Equipment CIO Battery Free Bike Light Review – Reelight’s Magnet-Powered System?

CIO Battery Free Bike Light Review – Reelight’s Magnet-Powered System?


People who spend a fair amount of time on a bike whether for commuting or exercise know what a difference a high quality light can make. The CIO-Battery Free Bike light is currently in a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the next part of the production process.

Offering consumers a device that runs by magnets when the bike is in use can help people stay safer without worrying about lights going dim or not working due to weather conditions or low batteries. Please read below to learn more.

What Is The CIO-Battery Free Bike Light?

Anyone who owns a bike knows that having a safe and reliable light will make all the difference in both personal visibility but also how easily other drivers can see you on the road.

The CIO-battery Free Bike Light is a Danish invention that makes it easy to keep bikes well lit both day and night without worrying about batteries.

So many bike lights become dim as batteries start running low or have difficulty when being used in cold weather, this product eliminates these battery related problems. By utilizing a magnet system these lights run all day long and stay bright no matter the weather conditions.

How Does The CIO-Battery Free Bike Light Work?

This innovative bike light system utilizes magnets instead of batteries making it completely reliable and environmentally friendly.

Each magnet is the size of a coin and attaches securely on the front and rear tire frame of any bicycle. Because this light runs continuously day and night using this product actually reduces accidents by nearly twenty percent.

Due to an innovative ball joint mounting design it is very difficult to steal this light from parked bikes. The Reemount system makes it easy to attach these lights to virtually any bike frame with a snug, secure fit and easy to follow installation process.

The Kickstarter page contains a huge amount of detailed information about not only how this light works but also how to install.

CIO-Battery Free Bike Light Pricing

Currently this product is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign based in Denmark.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns there are different incentives based on campaign contribution level.

All pledges of 10 Danish Krones or greater will automatically be kept informed about this products progress and availability through email updates.

Pledge 278 Danish Krones or more

At this contribution level all donors will receive an automatic 38% discount on all purchases of the battery free bike light.

Pledge 583 Danish Krones or more

Contributions at this level give consumers an extra 35% off discount on future purchases of two battery free bike lights.

Pledge 942 Danish Krones or more

At this level consumers will be eligible to save an additional 30% off purchases of three bike lights plus they will get a fourth light for free.

Pledge 2,334 Danish Krones or more

A great option for offices or large extended families this contribution level give consumers a 48% off discount on purchases of ten or more lights.

Pledge 10,102 Danish Krones or more

The highest level of contribution gives consumers access to a fifty percent off discount on purchases of fifty or more battery free bike lights.

Should You Use The CIO-Battery Free Bike Light?

This device is a great option for bike commuters especially those who bike to or from work in the dark or low light. The products Kickstarter page covers a wide range of details for interested people to learn more.



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