Equipment Bite VAC Review: Bell + Howell’s Natural Bug Bite and Sting Itch...

Bite VAC Review: Bell + Howell’s Natural Bug Bite and Sting Itch Relief?

Bell & Howell BiteVAC offers a complete itch-relief kit that acts fast to provide natural pain relief without chemicals against mosquito bites, bee and wasp stings, ant bites and horse fly bites.


BiteVAC is a device that helps users to pull out the cause of itchiness and stinging after an encounter with a bug. While there aren’t any chemicals involved, the device uses a suction method to alleviate the irritation.

What is Bite VAC?

As the blissful warmth of summer nears, there are many people who will be taking their activities outdoors to enjoy their dose of the sun. While these times are meant to be fun, it is also the time of year when people are most exposed to insects like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and ants, especially in humid climates. There are many bug sprays and citronella candles on the market to help deter bugs, but what if bug bites and stings happen anyway?

With the use of BiteVAC, users don’t have to worry about feeling itchy or irritated, because this device gets rid of the cause. Instead of using anti-itch lotions (which tend to be sticky and even ineffective), this tool uses a vacuum-like tube to manually pull out the source of the discomfort. It isn’t hard to use, and it can be taken along wherever the user goes. Even with the included travel case, it is small enough for any travel bag or purse, ensuring that no outdoor activities have to be disrupted over this type of pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bite VAC

The BiteVAC device provides users with a fairly unique way to eliminate the pain and itchiness of bites and stings, but consumers often have a few questions with any new product. In this section, users can read the answers to some of the common questions that they may have about the use of this device.

Q: How long does BiteVAC take to get rid of itchiness?

A: There is no waiting time to get relief. The user will experience relief from the moment that the BiteVAC device pulls out the itch. The treatment doesn’t hurt, but it also doesn’t deliver any first aid support beyond pulling out the residue left behind by the bug.

Q: How many times can BiteVAC be used?

A: BiteVAC is meant to be a reusable device, requiring only that it should be cleaned between uses to reduce the spread of bacteria. If the tips or any other part of the BiteVAC become damaged, replacement is needed.

Q: Who can use BiteVAC on their skin?

A: Since there are no chemicals or any other irritants, BiteVAC can be used on skin with any sensitivities and of any age group. However, if the user has an allergy to the bug that bites them, seeking medical assistance (with or without the use of BiteVAC) is necessary.

Q: What if BiteVAC doesn’t offer the relief that user’s need?

A: While this formula is highly effective, there’s always a chance that it doesn’t work for the user’s needs or as they expected it to. For a refund, reach out to customer service within 60 days.

Purchasing Bite VAC

Customers can purchase BiteVAC by either ordering through the website or via phone (1-800-763-3104). However, with either opportunity, consumers have the chance to either get a single BiteVAC for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling) or a double order with no additional cost (except for additional shipping fees). The double offer won’t last long, so consumers that want to get more than one BiteVAC would benefit greatly from purchasing it while they can.

For Bite VAC Customer Support

The website has helpful information available for consumers, but specific answers to certain questions can only be found with the customer service team. This team can be reached on weekdays from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST by calling 844-771-2613.

If the user has a question about the status of their order, they can visit:

Bite VAC Summary

BiteVAC may soon become a necessity for any outdoor adventure or travel, considering that it doesn’t need to be replenished and that it can be used for the whole family. With two large tips and two small tips, the user can even select the size that matches the diameter of their bug bite easily, which also comes in useful for bites between the fingers and toes. The price is fairly low, considering the help it offers, so there is no reason not to take advantage of the double offer while it is still available.



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