Equipment Better Brella – Umbrella With Reverse Open Close Technology?

Better Brella – Umbrella With Reverse Open Close Technology?


If you have ever thought that all umbrellas are created equal, you were probably right. It used to be that you picked one based on its size, portability and color, but that doesn’t mean that any of those options where the best choice.

They did the job, but not that well. BetterBrella saw this, and knew there was a way to change up the design so that it would not only work better, but it would also be much easier to use.

You’ve Never Seen An Umbrella Like This

Over the course of your lifetime you have probably used a lot of different umbrellas. There are compact designs that can literally fit in your pocket, while there are larger “golf” sized variations that are so big and long that you could use them as a cane when it isn’t raining.

While most of these styles might do a fairly good job of keeping the rain off of your body, they don’t do the best job of keeping everything else dry.

BetterBrella has taken the old design that you are familiar with and flips it over to provide a multitude of benefits that you never thought you would be able to experience from an umbrella. Take a look below to see how this design is a game changer.

Inside Out And Upside Down

You read that right, this umbrella is inverted! BetterBrella improved the technology of the old standard umbrella and turns it upside down. This way you can keep the rain from falling on you when you need to close it up.

No more shaking water all over the place when you get indoors, or hassling with getting into the car.

Resistant To Wind

While many umbrellas claim that they are wind proof, most of them have never actually been tested. However, this inverted design HAS been tested and it can withstand winds that are gusting up to 24 miles per hour without folding, crumpling, or breaking.

This ensures that you can use the BetterBrella without fear of it failing you in the midst of a storm.

Never Get Wet

Since this umbrella folds upwards, you can get in the car or indoors in a snap! You can close the car door almost all the way shut, fold up the umbrella and quickly put it in the car with you. A minimal amount of rain will be on the outside of it and you will be dry!

Holds The Water Inside Not On The Floor

Due to its inverted design, the BetterBrella creates a cone shape when it is it is folded up. Because of this, it is able to hold all of the water that has collected on the outside of the umbrella so it doesn’t drip all over the floor or your car.

This helps keep you drier, warmer, and mess free.

Easier To Use Than The Traditional Option

The old umbrellas that you are used to are actually pretty clumsy to use when you think about it. How many times have you found yourself fumbling, while the rain is falling all over you, just to get your umbrella open – those days are over.

This umbrella is specially designed to open quickly every single time, with the touch of a button.

These Are Going Fast

Don’t wait to place your order! Get the BetterBrella now before you are in an ugly seasonal storm that has you wishing that you had a reliable umbrella handy. These are available in three colors; blue, red and black.

Purchase one for everyone in the family to protect your spouse and kids from the wind and rain. By staying dry, you can even ward off the nasty cold and flu season that typically accompanies inclement weather. Order yours today!



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