Electronics Atomic Beam Tripod Review – Convenient Adjustable Flashlight Stand?

Atomic Beam Tripod Review – Convenient Adjustable Flashlight Stand?


In the past 40 years, there have been many new ‘visibility enhancing devices’ that have helped revolutionize the way we move outdoors and even operate during camping, hiking, and mountaineering expeditions. A majority of these torches/lighting systems are designed to be safe for use even in conditions like rain, snow, torrential downpour etc. Not only that, a key aspect that many new manufacturers look at is the fact that these torches are usually made through the use of high quality metals and plastics that allow for extended durability.

What Is The Atomic Beam Tripod?

As the name suggests, the Atomic Beam Tripod Light is an all new ‘heavy duty flashlight’ that is not only powerful, but also features a convertible tripod that can help allow the device to stand on its own. To further elaborate on this point, we can see that once Atomic Beam has been fully lad out, it can rest on any flat surface, regardless of how wide that plane is or the height it extends to.

In terms of usability and overall functionality, we can see that the flashlight and tripod can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to its ergonomic design which features three non-slip feet, the Atomic Beam Light is unlike to fall over even during challenging weather

Atomic Beam Tripod Features

Some of the features which make the Atomic Beam Tripod Light unique include:

Adjustable Angles:

This is a highly important feature that ensures that when we use the flashlight as a tripod, we can easily manipulate the angle of incidence so that the light distribution can be maintained at an optimal level.

High Output Capacity:

Each unit features an output potential of 5,000 Lux. This is the case even when the device is being harnessed independently or within its tripod frame. Also, it is important to realize that 5000 LUX means that the device is highly potent and is nearly 40 times brighter than the illumination of a standard flashlight.

Multi Mode Functionality:

In order to increase the usability of the device, the Atomic Beam Light comes with a ‘ Low Beam Setting’. This mode has been designed for intricate craft work or can even be needed when we are performing repairs which involve small objects like eyeglasses.

Strobe Setting:

Another unique mode that this flashlight features is the ‘strobe setting’. This option allows us to gain attention of passerby’s during emergency situations (incidents that might occur in remote regions).

Zoom Functionality:

Each device has the potential to zoom in and out like a flashlight. Depending upon the focus required, there are many zoom levels to choose from.


A highly underrated aspect of the Atomic Beam Tripod Light is the fact that it is quite light and portable. The light isn't significantly larger or heavier than standard torches and can be easily carried around in a small case like a backpack. It even fits snugly in one hand without any hassle.

Other Important Details

  • Highly powerful: the device is really charged and can come in handy during long power outages
  • Long Life: a full charge allows the beam to run uninterrupted for long durations of time.

Purchasing The Atomic Beam Tripod

All orders can be placed on the manufacturer's official webpage. Alternatively, amazon can also be used to make a purchase. Each unit comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee in case users do not find the product meeting their expectations. All payments can be made via simple means such as PayPal, Maestro and Visa.



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