Electronics Tactical Flashlights Atomic Beam – Best Tactical Flashlight In The USA?

Atomic Beam – Best Tactical Flashlight In The USA?


Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight Review

The Atomic Beam USA flashlight is a recently-released flashlight advertised as an “ultra-bright, tough-grade, tactical flashlight” that uses the same technology as US Special Forces. Read our review to find out if any of that is true.

What is the Atomic Beam USA Flashlight?

The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight is a high-powered flashlight available online at a price of around $20.

The flashlight promises to use the same technology used by real US Special Forces members. It features “up to 5,000 lux” output, while an “ordinary flashlight” features just 125 lux of output.

The makers of the tactical flashlight also emphasize the build quality of their device. It’s made from “tough-grade aluminum” that can withstand “almost any abuse”. In a promotional video advertising the flashlight, someone is seen dropping the flashlight from a helicopter. When that flashlight hits the concrete ground, it’s still on and working.

The flashlight is also seen being boiled in oil, frozen in ice, and smashed on concrete – and it says turned on the whole time.

The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight was created by TeleBrands, the well-known As Seen On TV company that is responsible for Ped Egg, Spin Mop, Mighty Blaster, and other popular products. You can compare this to another popular taclight in the Shadowhawk X800 and Bell + Howell TacLight.

Atomic Beam USA Flashlight Features

Some of the most important features and tech specs of the Atomic Beam USA Flashlight include:

  • Shines up to 5,000 lux
  • Strobe feature for self defense
  • Aluminum casing
  • 2,000 times zoom function
  • 5.25” long and 1.50” wide at its widest point
  • 1.38 pounds
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries (or 1 lithium ion rechargeable battery that can be purchased separately as an accessory)

These features make the Atomic Beam “one of the most powerful flashlights on earth”, according to the manufacturer. Let’s take a closer look.

What Does 5,000 Lux Mean?

If you’ve ever shopped for flashlights online, then you’ve probably seen terms like “lux” and “lumens”. These rating systems are designed to measure the brightness of flashlights.

Lux is defined as a measure of luminous flux over a unit of area. 1 lux = 1 lumen per square meter.

Basically, it’s a measurement of how light intensity is distributed. Measurements are typically taken at the center of the beam. Some people refer to lux as the flashlight’s “throw”.

Lux typically comes into play when you’re comparing flashlights with two different lumen ratings. All other things being equal, a flashlight with a high lux value has better spot illumination, which means it can more effectively concentrate its beam on one point. A flashlight with a lower lux value will have better flood illumination, which means it’s spread out over a wider area.

Ultimately, lux ratings are extremely misleading without knowing other data about the flashlight – like the wattage of the bulb or the lumens. The Atomic Beam flashlight also only has a 5,000 lux rating when the flashlight is turned up to 2,000x zoom, which concentrates the beam on one single point.

Is It Really the Same Technology Used By US Special Forces?

Another bold claim made by the creators of the Atomic Beam USA flashlight is that the flashlight is the same technology used by US Special Forces.

They never expand on that claim, but it’s frequently mentioned across the flashlight’s sales page.

I can virtually guarantee that US Special Forces do not use a $20 flashlight when conducting elite operations around the world. Military and police-grade flashlights are typically priced at over $100 at the lower level.

So when the makers of Atomic Beam USA claim their flashlight uses “US Special Forces” technology, I assume they mean that US Special Forces also use flashlights. That’s it.

In any case, don’t buy the Atomic Beam USA flashlight expecting to enjoy anything close to military-grade quality.

Atomic Beam USA Flashlight Pricing

Like most As Seen On TV products, the Atomic Beam comes with a kind of complicated pricing system. Here’s how it breaks down:

Main Offer

  • 1 Flashlight: $19.99 + Free Shipping
  • 2 Flashlights: $29.98 + Free Shipping

Deluxe Offer

  • 1 Flashlight with All 3 Accessories: $39.98 + Free Shipping
  • 2 Flashlights with 2 Sets of All 3 Accessories: $59.97 + Free Shipping

You can see the three accessories included with the flashlight below.

Although shipping is free with your order, you’ll likely get a notice that shipping will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks. This is normal with all Atomic Beam orders (and is standard when ordering other TeleBrands products online as well).

Atomic Beam USA Flashlight Accessories

You can order some accessories with your flashlight at an extra cost. Those accessories include:

  • Rechargeable Battery & Charger: $12.99
  • Reinforced Nylon Carrying Case: $9.99
  • Hands-Free Tactical Headband: $7.99

Alternatively, you can buy the Deluxe version of the flashlight, which comes with all of these accessories built-in.

Who Makes the Atomic Beam USA Flashlight?

The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight is made by TeleBrands, the company best-known for its As Seen On TV products. That company is based at the following New Jersey address:

79 Two Bridges Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004

You can contact the company by phone at 1-855-668-1655 or by email form here.

One problem we have with the Atomic Beam USA Flashlight is that the company frequently advertises the fact that it’s “made in the USA”. USA is also part of the flashlight’s name. So you may be thinking you’re supporting American manufacturers when you buy the flashlight.

In reality, when you read the fine print, only the LED components are made in the United States. The company doesn’t list where the remaining components are manufactured.

Should the Atomic Beam USA Flashlight Be Your Next Flashlight?

The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight makes enormous claims about its power and technology, claiming to deliver 5,000 lux of light while using the same military-grade technology used by US Special Forces.

In reality, this is a medium-quality flashlight that comes in an aluminum case. It delivers 5,000 lux only at the highest zoom level (and lux isn’t that important, anyway, if you don’t know other tech specs of the flashlight).

Ultimately, you can find similar flashlights at this price range online. The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight is nothing special. It’s not tactical, police, or military-grade, but it will help you light up your surroundings.



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