Electronics AloneFire Tactical Flashlight – Super Bright & Useful LED Light?

AloneFire Tactical Flashlight – Super Bright & Useful LED Light?


The Alonefire Tactical Flashlight is an accessory that consumers can bring to illuminate the night while camping, hiking, and hunting. The device comes with a membership to the company for additional savings later on.

What Is The Alonefire Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is much different from a regular flashlight. While most flashlights offer just enough illumination to get safely through a dark area, a tactical flashlight is meant to be powerful enough and bright enough to deter someone that attempts to attack the user. This device may look bulky, but most designs are lightweight enough to bring around easily to prepare themselves for defense. The best part is that this type of device can usually be traced up to two miles away, making it the perfect alert for help. The Alonefire Tactical Flashlight is one option for consumers seeking help.

Alonefire comes with a case to ensure that the accessory is protected between uses, which is perfect for storage between uses. With the option to zoom and other various settings, consumers can use the flashlight to alert others if they are in need of help. According to the reviews on the website, this flashlight has one of the brightest bulbs available, keeping the user safe in their expeditions. Most consumers buy multiple devices to help their entire family during an emergency or while in the dark otherwise.

Purchasing The Alonefire Tactical Flashlight

The total cost of the Alonefire device is just $59.99, but there is a promotion on the website that invites consumers to take off about 50% of that cost. However, this sale is only available for a certain amount of time, so potential buyers should act fast to lock in the price tag.

When someone makes a purchase, they automatically get 30 free days of membership with Luxurys, which is part of the promotional deal. After the first free month, consumers will have the option of a one-month ($4.95 each month), three-month ($8.95 every 90 days), and six-month membership ($24.95 every 190 days). These memberships can be cancelled at any time by reaching out to customer service.

Alonefire Tactical Flashlight Customer Service

Since the website does not offer much information about the Alonefire flashlight, consumers may have other questions that they want to address. The customer service team offers both a phone number and email address for consumers to use to contact them.

  • Phone number: 1-877-919-9511
  • Email address: support@luxuryxs.com

Alonefire Tactical Flashlight Conclusion

Alonefire Tactical Flashlight provides a helpful way for consumers to protect themselves without having to get a gun or something more aggressive. To the naked eye, this device is just a flashlight, but someone who knows its power can wield it in a helpful and protective way. Even if the individual randomly finds themselves in an emergency, this flashlight works.

Next time you pack up your emergency supplies or camping gear, make sure to get the most powerful tactical flashlight available.



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