Infinite Power Solutions Ultra HD90 Review – High Performance Mobile Camera Phone Lens Kit?

Ultra HD90 Review – High Performance Mobile Camera Phone Lens Kit?


Ultra HD 90 Review

The Ultra HD 90 is a phone accessory kit that promises to turn your mobile device into a DSLR camera using three different lenses. Here’s our Ultra HD 90 review.


What Is the Ultra HD 90?

The Ultra HD 90 is a series of camera lens accessories available for Android devices, the iPhone, and other smartphones. The kit comes with a macro lens, a wide angle lens, and a fish eye lens. It’s sold online today for around $29.

The official Ultra HD 90 website describes the camera as “the most talked about phone gadget of the year” and claims that “bloggers and young U.S. models are raving on the internet.”

That all sounds good until you Google Ultra HD 90 and get virtually no results about it. I also couldn’t find a single social media post about the camera lens – so we’re not off to a good start with the Ultra HD 90.

In any case, this set of camera lenses promises to turn any mobile smartphone into a DSLR camera – so you get DSLR quality while saving thousands of dollars.

How Does the Ultra HD 90 Work?

There are three lens included with the Ultra HD 90. Each lens comes with a clip that mounts onto your phone.

The fisheye lens is designed for panoramas. The wide angle less is for “effortless selfies”. And the macro lens is to create sharp close-up images.

The clip itself doesn’t actually connect to any electronic components on your phone. There’s no USB port or Lightning connector – so the compatibility relies on the physical clip instead of the electronic connection.

With that in mind, the Ultra HD 90 claims to work on “any smartphone or tablet”, including Apple and Android mobile devices and other devices made by Dell, Sony, Asus, HP, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

In one comparison photo, Ultra HD 90 compares itself to lenses created by Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, and Canon. Ultra HD 90 gives itself a check mark beside all of the features, including “sharpness, coating, high contrast, low aberration, low distortion, and low vignetting.” Meanwhile, the other camera brands only get 2 or 3 checkmarks out of the six categories listed. It appears the makers of Ultra HD 90 just made this chart up: there’s no source or rating organization listed.

Nevertheless, Ultra HD 90 claims that it’s “more valuable than any lens from Nikon, Canon, Zeiss, and Leica”. Considering these companies sell lenses for thousands of dollars (and have sold lenses for hundreds of collective years), I find it hard to believe that “any lens” made by these companies is beat out by the Ultra HD 90.

Ultra HD 90 Pricing

The Ultra HD 90, like many other cheap lenses and flashlights sold online today, is available at a number of different rates depending on how many you buy. Here’s how pricing works out:

  • 1 Lens: $79
  • 3 Lenses: $117
  • 4 Lenses: $169
  • 5 Lenses: $145
  • 10 Lenses: $260
  • 15 Lenses: $375
  • 20 Lenses: $450

As you can see, the price per unit drops all the way from $79 to $22.50. So that tells us the lens costs less than $22.50 to make. That pricing is also not a typo: it’s cheaper to buy 5 lenses than 4.

Your purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can get a refund with no questions asked.

The Ultra HD 90 website is filled with things that try to get you to buy a lens right now: there’s a countdown timer that only lasts about 45 minutes from the time you arrived on the website. There’s also a warning that the price listed above is “strictly limited” to only 30 lens kits per day. Neither of these things are true. You can refresh the page at any time to get the identical offer. So don’t be rushed into making a rash decision.

Who Makes the Ultra HD 90?

The Ultra HD 90 claims to be designed in the United States, but the manufacturing location is not listed. However, the company that sells the lens online is registered in Delaware at this address:

1201 Orange St.
Suite 600
Wilmington, DE 19899

You can contact the company by email form here:

The website featuring the Ultra HD 90 is still labeled as the “Lumify X9 LED Flashlight” homepage, which is a flashlight available through a similar 75% off offer. It appears the people selling the Ultra HD 90 make a living out of buying cheap Amazon products and marking them up at a premium rate. Although it’s unclear whether or not they actually do that. But that’s my guess.

Should You Use the Ultra HD 90 to Turn your Phone Into a DSLR?

Ultimately, the Ultra HD 90 is a set of 3 camera lenses that promise to turn your phone into a DSLR camera. However, keep in mind that your phone’s camera quality will not actually increase: you can use lenses to change the focus of the image, but your resolution is always going to be the same. So calling this a replacement for a DSLR camera isn’t quite genuine advertising. It’s also not genuine advertising to claim that the Ultra HD 90 is better than “any lens” made by companies like Nikon or Canon. That’s just blatantly untrue.

The other problem is the markup on the Ultra HD 90: you can get similar sets of three lenses from Amazon and other retailers for under $20. The Ultra HD 90, however, sells at an enormous $79 for just one lens kit. It appears the people who run the website ship cheap Amazon products to your address and then make money off the markup.

In any case, unless you want to overpay for cheap mobile accessories, you can find similar offers on Amazon and other retailers for a significantly cheaper price.




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