Computers Software & Apps Sucuri Website Security Review – AntiVirus Malware Scanner?

Sucuri Website Security Review – AntiVirus Malware Scanner?


Sucuri is a globally distributed security protection plugin that is used to help defend against a website's potential security issues. Let's review Sucuri's AntiVirus malware scanner and firewall software service to see if it is a good fit for your digital assets.


About Sucuri

The Sucuri mission is to create and market the most reasonably priced cloud-based security services for all websites to use, no matter what their platform is. The corporation is based in Delaware but their distribution team resides in more than twelve countries internationally.

Here are a couple of fun facts for you: Sucuri, actually, is a Portuguese term that means “anaconda” a giant snake that lurks the Brazilian Amazon. It was also the name of a famous Brazilian tank destroyer that existed in the 1980s. Sucuris symbolize danger and dominance.

The programmer of Sucuri’s technology, Daniel, was troubled when it came to picking out his technology’s name and referred back to his family roots and Brazil’s historical memories to find the perfect name. He chose Sucuri because he decided market dominance was achievable, and the software’s ability to destroy attackers is top notch.

The Product

To protect your website, Sucuri’s software scans the visible content of your page. Additional options are available to scan your server file system, which is where hackers like to stash files so they are more difficult to find. Sucuri has numerous useful features:

  • Service level response- a helpful incident team is available to customers 24/7/365 days a year for assistance with clean ups. They promise total malware and blacklist elimination for websites of all types.
  • SSL Certificate- by purchasing the professional plan you receive a SSL certificate. A secure socket layer certificate allows for the safe delivery of data during a transport from browsers to a web server.
  • Advanced Website Protection- the “Website Application Firewall/Intrusion Prevention System is a cloud based defense system that works to diminish attacks on websites. These types of attacks can include: Brute Force, Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS, and programmed assaults that are issued to abuse software susceptibilities.
  • Constant Scanning and Monitoring- the program is designed to continuously scan webpages, and will automatically alert customers if any security problem arises.
  • Professional Security Support- informational content and research about website security are available to customers, and the experts are apparently always on hand to answer questions about their service or products.
  • DDoS Protection- Distributed Denial of Service are a really popular trend right now and the Sucuri system works to prevent and eliminate these attacks from happening to your website.

The malware cleanup and blacklist-removing features are two that make Sucuri exceptionally dominant in the market. Cleanups can cost as much as $250, but there are monthly or annual options to cut the cost down. Consumers can choose a basic, pro, or business plan.

The only real difference between the plans is the time it takes to get the job done. For example if you're on the basic plan, it might take up to 12 hours for Sucuri employees to get around to your cleanup. On the business plan they’ll get to it within 4 hours.

The Opportunity

Sucuri website security plugin and AntiVirus malware scanner presents the opportunity to protect all websites no matter their platform. If you can’t afford to lose your business from long downtimes doing repairs, or a damaged reputation because of hacks, then Sucuri is a smart option to make sure this doesn’t happen. Customers have the chance to get protection from a company that is dedicated to their website's defense, and is constantly available to assist with questions or concerns. Some people are not capable of ensuring that their webpages are properly secured or maybe they just don't have the time to keep up with it. This is when a system like Sucuri comes into play and can get a crucial job done for you.

The Verdict

This system is responsible for a lot that website owners might not be able to do on their own. Some might complain it's a pricey service, but it is undeniably worth it to know that your website is being protected by highly trained specialists who aim to stop attacks before they even reach your site.



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