Electronics RunPhones Review – High Performance Wireless Headphones?

RunPhones Review – High Performance Wireless Headphones?


RunPhones Review

RunPhones are headphones specially designed to stay in your ears while running. Here’s our RunPhones review.


What Are RunPhones?

RunPhones are headphones designed to comfortably stay in your ears while running. The headphones are hidden within a sweat band. You wear the sweat band as you normally would, then connect the auxiliary cord to your phone or music player.

If you have ever run with headphones in your ears, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. Sometimes, the headphone cord isn’t long enough, so the headphones tug at your ears during your run.

Or, sweat can ruin your headphones. Your headphones can bounce around and fall out. Sound quality may be sacrificed. There are all sorts of problems associated with traditional headphones and running.

RunPhones first started making headlines when they won two CES 2014 awards, including Innovations in Design and Engineering Honoree awards. The headphones, however, have been on the market since 2012.

Available in 8 different colors, RunPhones claim to be the next big thing in the fitness industry. Let’s find out more about how RunPhones work.

RunPhones Features

RunPhones are headphones fitted inside a sweatband. That sweatband features a trademarked technology called Polartec. Polartec fabric claims to be wicking, breathable, durable, and lightweight, making it the perfect material to wear while running.

Meanwhile, the headbands consist of thin, high-quality removable speakers.

Oddly enough, the speakers advertise the fact that they “allow ambient noise”. The manufacturer claims that this is a safety feature (you can hear the world around you while you’re running).

So if you were expecting to buy noise-canceling headphones, then RunPhones aren’t what you’re looking for.

The sweatband is machine-washable, although you’ll want to remove the headphones before you do that.

The manufacturer doesn’t claim the headphones are waterproof. However, they do claim that they can suffer a bit of water exposure without becoming permanently damaged.

Winter RunPhones Versus Summer RunPhones

There are two different versions of RunPhones, including the summer and winter versions.

The winter RunPhones are essentially the same as the SleepPhones made by the same manufacturer: they use a PolarTec fleece design with thicker fabric.

The summer RunPhones, however, are made using a lighter type of Polartec fabric designed to keep you cool when running in hotter temperatures.

Essentially, the summer RunPhones, winter RunPhones, and SleepPhones are all the same product – just with slightly different types of fabric. You can also compare to the highly-regarded Kanoa headphones as well.

RunPhones Pricing

RunPhones are available in several different versions, including:

-RunPhones Classic: $59.95 – These are the normal headphones with the stretchy headband.

-RunPhones Microphone: $59.95 – Includes the headphones, sweatband, and a microphone so you can answer calls while running and listening to music.

-RunPhones Wireless: $99.95 – Connects to your phone or music player via Bluetooth, freeing you from annoying auxiliary cords.

-3 RunPhones: $109.95 – Includes 3 RunPhones to give to your family and friends.

-RunPhones Speakers Only: $29.95 – Can replace your existing RunPhones if they become damaged or lost.

-RunPhones Band Only: $19.95 – Includes the sweat wicking band with no features.

You can order the headbands in different colors, including black, grey, blue, pink, red, turquoise, orange, and white.

Depending from where you order, you’ll pay a different shipping fee.

Domestic standard shipping is $5 (ships within 3 to 5 days). Domestic priority (2 to 4 days) is $9.05. and domestic express (1 to 2 days) is $24.05.

International standard shipping is (1 to 5 weeks) is $10 and international express shipping (1 week) is $50.05.

All packages come with a padded envelope and are shipped via USPS when ordered to American addresses.

You can also order RunPhones from Amazon, where they’re priced at $57.63 + $7.50 shipping, so prices are almost identical.

What Do Customers Have to Say About RunPhones?

Audio quality is always a subjective experience. So what do customers have to say about the sound quality, build quality, and other features on RunPhones? Here are some of the reviews we found online:

“I have been using runphones to run and to sleep with for a couple of years, and I can't say enough good things about them. The sound quality is outstanding, and they are so comfortable! I have tried every other kind of headphone and earbud, and these are the only things I can stand to wear. Not only are they comfortable for running, but one can lie comfortably at night on the winter or sleep versions (fuzzier), without any discomfort to the ears.” – 5 Star Review on Amazon.com

“The sound is a little muffled but decent. I don't understand the reviews about not being able to hear because their head is too big. You can adjust the ear pieces anywhere within the headband. I've only used it with light walking so not sure how it'll hold up during rigorous exercise. I'm thinking, I might need to pin it down to my hair.” – 3 Star Review on Amazon.com

“I bought this item for running – so I could protect my ears from excessive in-ear headphones. It does work well for that. However, I have had it less than 90 days. The cord connecting the in-headband speakers to the ipod broke. The sound started degrading at around 60 days, and they no longer work at all. I am used to running headphones not lasting – but less than 90 days really is not acceptable.” – 1 Star Review on Amazon.com

Overall, reviews indicate that you can’t expect premium-quality sound from the headphones – but they’re not super cheap quality either. Many people seem to recommend the pricier Bluetooth option, as it prevents the cord from becoming torn or frayed over time and helps you avoid some of the “bounce” action on the cord when running.

Who Makes RunPhones?

RunPhones are made by AcousticSheep, LLC.

You may have heard of the company before: they created SleepPhones, which are a similar-looking device designed for use while sleeping.

AcousticSheep LLC is based at the following address:

2001 Peninsula Drive
Erie PA 16506

You can contact the company by email at service@acousticsheep.com or by phone at 1-877-838-4790.

At the company’s About page, RunPhones.com, they claim they “strive to use local resources, stay technologically-savvy, and be socially responsible as we create a world of happy, healthy people.”




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