Equipment Health & Wellness Prepd Lunchbox Pack – Easier Way To Prep & Plan Your Lunches?

Prepd Lunchbox Pack – Easier Way To Prep & Plan Your Lunches?


Prepd Pack Review – Will It Help You?

The Prepd Pack is a new lunchbox that recently launched online. It promises to help you pack nutritious lunches to work or school every day with limited mess or hassle. Here’s our Prepd review.


What is the Prepd Pack?

The Prepd Pack is a new lunchbox set designed to help you safely bring your lunch to work every day. It comes complete with a recipe app, calorie counting information, and other nifty features.

Priced at $55 for the Prepd Pack set, Prepd may be more than you typically spend on a lunchbox. However, Prepd promises to be a smarter lunchbox than anything else you’ve ever owned.

The Prepd Pack launched on Kickstarter back in January 2016. After successfully achieving its funding target, the Prepd Pack is officially available to order online from the company’s official website.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Prepd’s features.

Prepd Pack Features

The Prepd Pack comes with all of the following features:

-Modular Containers: Organize your foods into pre-portioned containers for healthier eating.

-Magnetic Cutlery: Cutlery stays where it’s supposed to stay in your lunchbox (knife, fork, and spoon included, or you can buy magnetic chopsticks)

-Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.3 x 2.1 inches

-Containers: Food-safe, dishwasher-friendly, microwave-safe, freezer-safe, sealable, and leak proof.

-Mobile App: Companion app for Android and iOS allows users to browse meal plans for the week ahead, organize shopping lists, and follow recipes specifically designed to fit inside the Prepd Pack’s containers (so you minimize food waste). The app also lets you track nutritional information or participate in an online community where you can save and share recipes or curate meal plans.

-Material: Bamboo construction with a magnetic close, sturdy containers, and magnetic cutlery.

You can mix and match different containers to suit your meal for the day. You can look at the app, plan your meal for the day, and organize your food into the separate containers while leaving other containers in your fridge at home.

Prepd Pricing

The Prepd online store offers the original Prepd Pack as well as several other containers and accessories that go with the device. Here’s what’s available on the online store:

-The Prepd Pack Set: $55

-Extra Prepd Containers Set: $15

-The Prepd Cool Sticks: $7.50

-The Prepd Sleeve: $10

-Extra Prepd Cutlery Set: $8.50

-The Prepd Chopsticks Set: $7.50

The Prepd Pack itself ($55) includes the outer case, one set of magnetic cutlery (knife, fork, and spoon), and one set of Prepd containers (1 large container with 1 saucepot, 1 medium container with 1 saucepot, and 2 small containers).

Currently, the online Prepd store lists its estimated shipping date as October: so the product isn’t quite available to instantly order online at this time.

About Prepd

Prepd’s About page claims they “are re-imagining the tools for healthy living” and want to help their customers “live a balanced lifestyle without the stress.”

You can get in touch with the company by emailing

Ultimately, Prepd isn’t the first “smart lunchbox”-style device we’ve seen appear online. Other popular devices similar to the Prepd Pack include the Compleat FoodSkin and Compleat FoodBag, both of which were made from Unikia. These smart lunchboxes were more focused on making it easier to transport food: Prepd wants to help you do that while also living a healthy lifestyle. You can buy Prepd today online from the official website – although it won’t ship until October.




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