Electronics Power Plus Wallet Review – RFID Blocking Wallet & Cellphone Charger?

Power Plus Wallet Review – RFID Blocking Wallet & Cellphone Charger?


Power Plus Wallet is a wallet that can charge your phone. Will it really be “the best wallet you’ll ever own” – as claimed by the infomercial? Take a look today in our Power Plus Wallet review.

What Is Power Plus Wallet?

The Power Plus Wallet is a lightweight wallet featuring an accordion design. It’s like a combination between a phone charger and a wallet: it not only charges your phone, but it also holds your cards, cash, and everything else you would normally carry in a wallet.

The Power Plus Wallet recently debuted in a series of infomercials. It’s available online. Like other As Seen On TV products, the Power Plus Wallet will not be found anywhere in stores.

Power Plus Wallet Features

  • RFID blocking technology that prevents your cards from being scanned unless you remove them from the wallet
  • Easily holds all of your cash, credit cards, pictures, license, and more
  • Built-in backup battery can fully recharge “any phone”
  • Weighs 4oz
  • Can fit easily into a pocket or purse
  • Easy-to-touch latch and accordion design for easy access
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Unisex design makes it ideal for men or women

The wallet is priced at around $28 per wallet. You can pick from one of three different colors. Like other ASOTV products, it’s a buy one, get one free offer.

In terms of size, the Power Plus Wallet is slightly larger than the average wallet. It might not fit snugly into your pocket as claimed by the infomercial. It’s about twice the thickness of an average smartphone.

Remember: it holds a battery and all of your cards – so if you’re looking for a slim and sleek wallet that can easily fit into the pocket of your skinny jeans, then the Power Plus Wallet probably isn’t the right choice for you.

It’s also important to note that Power Plus Wallet doesn’t tell us how large the battery is. That’s important. Not all phones are made equal.

Some phones – like the latest Galaxy Notes or iPhone Plus – have enormous charging requirements because they have larger batteries. Power Plus Wallet claims to charge “any phone”.

Without knowing the battery size, it’s difficult to determine if it can really charge any phone to full – or if it can charge certain phones multiple times.

We also don’t know the specific level of water-resistance. In the infomercial, we see the case get dropped in a puddle and run over with a bike tire. That seems like it’s pretty durable and waterproof. However, we don’t have a specific IPXX rating for the Power Plus Wallet.

Without knowing the battery capacity or durability rating, it’s difficult to compare the Power Plus Wallet against other charging wallets on the market – because yes, other charging wallets exist. The makers of the Power Plus Wallet weren’t the first to think of it.

Power Plus Wallet Pricing

Here’s how pricing works for the Power Plus Wallet:

  • 2 Wallets: $27.98 USD

You can’t order just one wallet at a time. You need to order two. You can choose from three different wallet colors, including black, silver, or white. Your wallets can be two different colors.

All purchases come with one USB cord as well as a 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping costs).

Power Plus Wallet Creators

The Power Plus Wallet appears to be made by one of the big As Seen On TV companies. However, there’s no information about the manufacturer available online – like where the wallets are made or where the company is based.

The “About” and “Contact” pages direct you to just a single email address: webmaster@digitaltargetmarketing.com

Digital target Marketing appears to have made the website and marketed the product online, but they seem to just be a marketing company. It’s unclear who manufactures the wallet – and where they manufacture it.

Power Plus Wallet Summary

The Power Plus Wallet is a brand new product with limited reviews available online. If you find yourself frequently walking around with an uncharged phone, and you need a convenient way to charge it, then the Power Plus Wallet may be the right choice for you.

However, the Power Plus Wallet isn’t the only charging wallet available on the market. You can find similar wallets on Amazon.

There’s also the fact that the Power Plus Wallet prominently advertises itself as an RFID blocking wallet – which is one of the most over hyped technologies of the past few years.

While many companies advertise the benefits of RFID blocking technology, there’s really no evidence that people are walking around skimming credit cards with RFID scanners.

Ultimately, priced at $28 for two wallets, Power Plus Wallet is an easy way to charge your phone and carry your cards on the go. But who really needs two wallets? Make sure you compare the Power Plus Wallet to other wallets on the market before you buy.



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