Equipment Cameras PetChatz – Innovative Pet Camera For Two-Way Video Call?

PetChatz – Innovative Pet Camera For Two-Way Video Call?


What is PetChatz?

PetChatz is an award winning interactive device system, which allows its users to be in contact with their pets from any location where there is an internet connection available. The system is designed to allows pet parents to see, hear, feed and even provide a comforting familiar scent to their beloved pets from anywhere in the world by simply using a computer or a smartphone.

Another key feature of the device is that it acts as a two way communication channel. This means that using the “Pawcall” feature, a pet can initiate contact with its parent. The device is a durable, pet safe 3”x4” light driven button that can be placed anywhere on the householder’s floor. Pets can simply place their paws on the device to initiate contact (during predetermined times) with their owners, a message is sent to the owner on their smartphones and they can then call up their pets to communicate with them.

How does Pawcall work?

Pawcall works using two primary modes:

Call Mode

This mode is used when you are available for a chat with your pet. When the pre-set time that has arrived, the device starts flashing. On seeing this, the pet can then press the device to indicate they are ready. By pressing the button two things happen – firstly, a treat is dispensed by the machine rewarding the pet for their knowledge and training, and secondly a text message is sent to the user indicating a call is ready to be initiated.

Game Mode

This mode can be utilized to keep your pet busy and engaged throughout the day. The user can set up their device to activate automatically at pre-set times during the course of the day. The Pawcall button begins to flash and the pet comes to see what is happening, if the pet presses the button during the flashing, it receives a treat. If not, they do not receive anything till the next time the flashing comes on again. The number of times and duration of flashing can be set by the user.

What features does PetChatz offer?

PetChatz has been designed to change the way pets and their owners interact with each other. It seeks to redefine their relationship by eliminating barriers caused by distances, near or far.

This technologically advanced system is devised to strengthen the love between owners and their pets by allowing users to remotely:

Check-in and communicate with their beloved flurry friends using a 2-way low light HD camera.
• Dispense natural treats at predetermined times.
• Provide pets with a soothing fragrance with the touch of a button.
• Record and share the antics that their pets get upto when they are by themselves.
• Receive notifications of any sounds or movement when pets are near the vicinity of the device.

How does PetChatz work?

PetChatz can be set up simply and easily by following 4 very convenient steps.

• Place the device over an electrical output anywhere across the house where your pet can easily come and go.
• The device then needs to be connected to the home Wi-Fi network. This can be done easily by downloading the PetChatz app on your computer or smartphone and then setting up the device remotely.
• The treats and fragrances (PetChatz treatz ® and PetChatz scentz ® ) can now be loaded onto the device into the specified compartments.
• PetChatz is now fully functional, allowing you to check in with your pets from anywhere and at all times of the day or night. A special ringtone allows them to recognise that you are calling.

What do people who have used PetChatz have to say about the product?

Using an average rating based upon 43 reviews obtained from, PetChatz received an overall rating of 3.3 / 5 stars. Users were generally satisfied with the product, saying that it does mostly of what it claims.

Customers such as Michela commented that the product does what is advertised very effectively, it allows for her to stay in touch with her beloved pets which is hard as she is a businesswoman and has to travel frequently. Similarly, Hugo comments that the device has redefined his relationship with his pet, since he is now able to see and communicate with his cat even when he is away. This allows for him to have much less separation anxiety and stress.

However, there are customers also who have mentioned the various flaws which still exist in this recently developed technology. Mary mentions that her device used to go offline very frequently due to some technical issues in the device. It took the customer care team nearly 20 days to rectify the issue.

What are the various advantages and drawbacks of this technology?


• There is a tutorial and manual provided for teaching pets how to use the device and become accustomed to the device.
• The audio and video clarity is high, allowing pets to immediately recognise their owners.
• It greatly reduces separation anxiety in both the owners and the pets.
• Many users have stated that the customer care representatives are friendly and work to alleviate any issues one might be experiencing in an extremely professional manner.
• Pets can be provided with treats at the users will.
• Very safe and extremely pet friendly design.


• A high speed internet system is required for optimal functioning.
• There is no night vision camera available.
• Is slightly on the expensive side.

Pricing and availability

PetChatz can be easily purchased by placing an order online at The PetChatz HD system can be purchased separately for $379.99 or together as a bundle with the PawCall technology for $479.98.

All purchased products come with a 1-year warranty, and can be returned within 30 days to obtain a full refund if users are unsatisfied with the product. However, for this refund policy to come into effect, owners must call their pets daily for a period of 3 weeks to allow for them to adapt to this system.

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