Infinite Power Solutions MVMT Watches Review – High-Quality Lifestyle Crafted Timepieces?

MVMT Watches Review – High-Quality Lifestyle Crafted Timepieces?


MVMT Watches Review

MVMT Watches have been generating lots of hype in recent months due to enhanced online marketing efforts. Are they actually luxury watches at a rock-bottom price? Let’s find out today.


About MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches (it’s pronounced “movement”) are a lineup of watches that promise to offer enhanced luxury at a reasonable price. The company, according to its official website, was “founded on the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank.” With that in mind, MVMT set out to create a lineup of fashionable watches at a fair price.

The company was launched in 2013 when its first watches were featured on crowdfunding websites like IndieGoGo. Today, the company has over 1 million social media followers. They’ve been advertising online in recent months – including on many popular podcasts.

The company’s watches are priced between $100 and $150. Watches are available for men and women.

MVMT Products

MVMT has dozens of watches available for both men and women. Watches are separated by band color, case color, style, and other characteristics. You can also sort through watches by looking at best sellers. The company doesn’t have a wide variety of watch designs, but they do have a wide number of interchangeable straps and colors.

Typically, watches are minimalistic and emphasize “chic design meets styled minimalism”, as the website explains.

Some of the company’s most popular watches include the following:


  • Chrono Gun Metal / Sandstone Leather: $135
  • Black/Tan Leather: $95
  • Black/Black Leather: $95
  • Chrono White / Caramel Leather: $135
  • The 40 – Rose Gold / Brown Leather: $120
  • Black / Black: $100
  • Chrono All Black: $140


  • Rose Gold / Black Leather: $115
  • Rose Gold / Peach Leather: $115
  • Gold Pearl Leather: $115
  • White Rose Gold: $125
  • Black: $125
  • Gold / Black Leather: $115

All watch prices are in USD and are available for purchase online through You get free shipping and returns worldwide on all orders over $50.

What Do People Have to Say About MVMT Watches?

Do people like their MVMT Watches? Are they really luxury-quality watches at a fair price? Or are they just cheap, low-quality watches that have been marked up at a huge premium? Here are some of the reviews we’ve found across the internet:

— The watches are widely praised for their attention to detail, including their unique product packaging and branding. You’ll find small MVMT printing on the leather strap on the watchface, for example. One reviewer described the attention to detail as “impeccable.”

— Stainless steel and quartz movements. MVMT watches come with stainless steel designs and quartz movements – something you always like to see when you’re trying to avoid cheap-quality watches.

— Water resistant up to 3 ATM. That may sound good, but it basically means you should try not to get it wet. It should survive being slightly submerged for a short period of time, but don’t count on it.

— The strap can easily be replaced by simply popping out the strap bar. You can order replacement straps from MVMT. That’s a good thing when the strap starts to wear down or fade after a few years.

The same reviewer linked above had the following to say to sum up their review: “We were really impressed with everything about the MVMT watch, from the moment we hit the website, to the unboxing and packaging, and the product itself.”

— Most of the watches are 45mm, which is slightly larger than some people would like (particularly if you have a small wrist). For others, however, it’s not a big deal.

Ultimately, watch snobs won’t be impressed by MVMT. One watch forum member described it as “more of a fashion movement than a watch movement as far as I’m concerned.” Of course, MVMT Watches aren’t really trying to attract watch snobs. They’re trying to attract people who want to look like they’re watch snobs.

Should You Buy MVMT Watches?

If you like the look of a watch but don’t want to spend over $500 on an accessory you’ll rarely use to check the time, then MVMT Watches could be the right choice for you. They’re well-reviewed and generally appear to come with a high level of quality.

They’re not going to impress very many watch snobs. But they’re going to impress people around you. Pricing is extremely competitive, and the free shipping anywhere in the world (on orders over $50) is a nice touch.

With easily interchangeable straps, stainless steel design, quartz movements, and a competitive price tag, MVMT Watches have become popular for a number of good reasons.



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