Infinite Power Solutions MagLite Flashlights Review – Best Extreme Quality Tactical Lights?

MagLite Flashlights Review – Best Extreme Quality Tactical Lights?


MagLite Review

Humans have always been extremely resourceful. In fact, proof of this can be seen in just the past two decades. Since the 1990s, technology and electronics have transformed so completely that the children of today don’t even recognize the tech that was considered cutting-edge a decade ago. And these extreme differences are just those that have occurred in the past few decades. If looking back further in history, even more extreme advances can be seen, ones that are completely shocking when really thought about.


One of the biggest innovations of modern man was light. Often credited to Thomas Edison, the harnessing of electricity to create a steady light source is often considered the start of the modern age. Without the invention of the lightbulb, so many of the things that are used in society today wouldn’t exist.

While the invention of the lightbulb was amazing, for mankind it wasn’t enough. Once light had been created, humans wanted to take it a step further. They wanted this bright, clear light to be portable. With this desire came the invention of the portable lantern, then the flashlight. And, in the century since the first flashlight was invented in 1899, this device has continued to evolve and improve.

Many people take their flashlights for granted. After all, they can be picked up at any local store, from grocery stores to gas stations. However, real, quality flashlights matter. For those who spend extended periods out in nature, guards, police officers, and firefighters, often the way these flashlights work can be the difference between life and death. And for these people, having the best quality flashlight is a necessity.

For those who want the best of the best when it comes to their flashlights, there’s MagLite. Started in 1979, MagLite has based its innovations in the flashlight industry on dedication to research, development, and constant refinement. Because of this focus, MagLite has continued to be the number one source for the best flashlights in the United States.

About MagLite Flashlights

While MagLite is not synonymous with flashlights, the company didn’t start out providing just flashlights. The founder of MagLite, Anthony Maglica, actually started out in 1955 working in his own machine shop called Mag Instrument. It was Mag Instrument that produced the first MagLite flashlight, in 1979. At the time, Maglica wasn’t thinking about starting a nationally acclaimed company, he just wanted to make a quality flashlight that could hold up in the most extreme conditions.

Because of the dedication of Maglica to always produce the best of the best, once the first MagLite flashlight was made in 1979, it didn’t take long for it to grow in popularity. Within a few years, people who cared and depended on their flashlights were raving about MagLite. From mechanics to police officers and firefighters, MagLite was quickly becoming the flashlight of choice for those who needed touch, dependable portable light sources.

In the years since MagLite was created, the company has grown to expand its product line, offering more flashlight options as well as other parts and accessories. However, while MagLite may have grown as a company, it still keeps the same standards that Maglica instilled in Mag Instruments. To this day, all the flashlights created by MagLite are made in the United States and are of such a superior quality that those who have tough jobs will only use MagLite as their flashlight of choice.

Purchasing MagLite Flashlights

As mentioned above, MagLite has increased the number of products offered by the company over the years. While there are way too many flashlights and accessories to mention, a brief sampling of the products sold by the company can be found below. This list will give those interested in purchasing a MagLite flashlight an idea of the categories of products sold by the company, as well as the prices for these products.

MagLite products can all be found on the MagLite website ( However, for those who want to pick up a MagLite flashlight immediately, without waiting for shipping and handling, there is a store finder on the website that will help customers find a store near them that sells the flashlights. However, what options these stores offer is uncertain.

Compact MagLites

These flashlights are designed to easily fit onto belts or into bags for easy use. However, despite being smaller than the more typically used mid-sized flashlights, these options still offer a bright beam, as can be seen by their lumen levels. For those looking for a powerful flashlight, but without the bulk, these compact MagLites are the perfect option.

MagLite Solitaire LED 1-Cell AAA Flashlight – $19.50

  • 57 m Beams
  • 40 Lumens

MagLite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight – $64.50

  • 130 m Beam
  • 172 Lumens

MagLite XL50 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight – $50.50

  • 224 m Beam
  • 200 Lumens

Mini MagLite LED 2-Cell AAA Flashlight – $23.50

Mid-Sized MagLites

Often used for camping or in homes, these mid-sized MagLites are often what people think of when it comes to regular flashlight sizes. Slightly more powerful in lumen strength than the compact MagLite Options, these mid-sized flashlights are able to illuminate wider areas, but still aren’t as large as the full sized options.

MagLite ML50LX 3 –Cell C LED Flashlight – $84

  • 339 m Beams
  • 611 Lumens

MagLite ML50LX 2-Cell C LED Flashlight – $79.50

  • 299 m Beams
  • 490 Lumens

MagLite ML25LT 3-Cell C LED Flashlight – $33.50

  • 309 m Beam
  • 173 Lumens

MagLite ML25LT 2-Cell C LED Flashlight – $31

  • 319 m Beam
  • 177 Lumens

Full Size MagLites

The full sized MagLites were created for those who need the most light and the most durability. Often found on the belts of police officers and firefighters, these flashlights can take the most extreme treatment and offer wider and brighter beams. Slightly more expensive than the mid-sized and compact options, these are the flashlights that were created to not fail, because often lives depend on their consistency.

MagLite ML300L 6-Cell D LED Flashlight – $145

  • 415 m Beam
  • 694 Lumens

MagLite ML300LX 3-Cell D LED Flashlight – $84

  • 406 m Beam
  • 625 Lumens

MagLite ML300L 3-Cell D LED Flashlight – $70.50

  • 406 m Beam
  • 625 Lumens

MagCharger LED Rechargeable System – $145

  • 406 m Beam
  • 643 Lumens

Tactical MagLites

Tactical MagLites are designed and made to be placed on weapons. Like the full size flashlights, these options are extremely sturdy, because they will often be used in the most dire of situations. Clipping easily onto firearms of a variety of sizes, these tactical MagLite make it easy to illuminate an area without the need for being held. And, because some of these options are rechargeable, users never have to worry about their tactical MagLite running out of power.

MacTac 2-Cell CR123 LED Flashlight Crowned Bezel – $109

  • 193 m Beam
  • 320 Lumens

MagTac LED Rechargeable Flashlight System Crowned Bezel – $147.50

  • 181 m Beam
  • 543 Lumens

MagTac LED Rechargeable Flashlight System Plain Bezel – $138

  • 178 m Beam
  • 533 Lumens

MagLite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight – $64.50

  • 130 m Beam
  • 172 Lumens

As mentioned above, the MagLite flashlights listed above are only a sampling of the options offered by the company. For a more detailed look at all the many options available for purchase, the MagLite website should be visited. In addition to this, the prices listed above are subject to change, depending on the specials and discounts available at the time.



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