Infinite Power Solutions LayBag Review – A Lightweight Inflatable Air Lounge Chair Worth It?

LayBag Review – A Lightweight Inflatable Air Lounge Chair Worth It?


LayBag Review

As summer gets in to full swing, people are spending more and more time outside. Whether it’s pool parties, barbeques, concerts, camping, or just hanging out with friends and family, as the weather gets warmer, outside is the place to be.

The outdoors, no matter where in the world people are, draws people out of their homes, inviting them to enjoy the sun, breeze, and carefree environment that comes with enjoying a day in the sun or shade.


However, as great as the outdoors are, sometimes people want a little bit of indoor comfort with them when they head out. This can be seen in the pavilions that people carry with them to picnics or the chairs brought to the beach. Sure, being outside is great, but no one wants to spend their day squatting while they try to eat, talk, and hang out.

There are several solutions available on the market today for outdoor comfort. Most of them revolve around outdoor seating. While there are a few less conventional options, like hammocks or chair nests, the majority of seating options for outside haven’t changed in the several decades they’ve been available. These chairs are made of plastic or other hard materials, which are definitely weatherproof, but not very comfortable. Some of these chairs may have a bit of give, but the majority are straight backed and cause a little bit of discomfort when they’re sat in for too long a period.

The LayBag is the solution to the outdoor seating problem. Not only is the LayBag a compact, easy to carry option for those who want to comfortably spend time outside, but it is also extremely easy to inflate. With the LayBag, users can get the outdoor experience they’ve always wanted, in more ways than one.

About LayBag

The LayBag is an inflatable lounge chair that is easy to fill and useable in a variety of terrains and conditions. What makes the LayBag so unique is that unlike other inflatable devices, like pool floats and air mattresses, it doesn’t require blowing or a pump to fill it with air. Using a unique method of filling, the LayBag can simply be moved through the air, which will fill the LayBag with enough air for it to be sealed. Using the air around users, the LayBag can quickly be filled without any hard, long breathing or complicated, heavy devices.

In addition to being able to be filled so quickly and easily, the LayBag is also extremely convenient for carrying around. When the inflatable chair is deflated, it is only 2.6 pounds and can be rolled into a 7×14 inch carry bag. It’s minute size and lightness makes taking the LayBag on trips, hikes, or to evens extremely easy. The LayBag can be swung over a back or dropped in a purse and taken anywhere, at any time. And, within a few seconds, the small inflatable seat can be turned into an 83×39 inch chair.

As mentioned above, the LayBag has a unique filling process, which is completed by opening one end of the LayBag and moving it through the air. Then, the end of the LayBag can be rolled and folded together, with the clasps connecting to keep it securely closed. Many might look at how easy this process is and think that because it is so simple, there’s no way the LayBag would stay inflated for an extended period of time. However, because the LayBag is made with an inner layer that is airtight and a clasping mechanism that will securely keep the LayBag closed, it will stay inflated a long time, even long enough for users to sleep on it overnight.

The Creators Of the LayBag

Some of the best inventions in the world were created and designed out of a need or necessity, and the same can be said for the creators of the LayBag. The LayBag was created by a group of young entrepreneurs in Germany. This group of young people began a startup that was created to focus on creating a fun, but useful, outdoor lifestyle innovation. The result was the LayBag.

The LayBag allows users, no matter their age, to relax anywhere, even places that might not even typically be considered a place where seating can be brought. Because the creators of the LayBag are considered experts in their varying fields, they were able to create a product that was made of a superior material, an innovative technology, and of a superior design. When the functionality of the LayBag was added to this amazing list of qualities they provided to the creation of the LayBag, it makes the perfect outdoor seating option.

The creators of the LayBag may have started out working alone on the hugely successful inflatable chair design, but due to how fast they have been growing over the years, they now have a network of partner companies that have been able to give the company an opportunity to sell all over the globe. These amazing partnerships haven’t just made the LayBag more accessible to more people, it has also allowed them to be more creative with their designs and other innovations, like the LayBag light kits.

Benefits Of The LayBag

There are so many amazing benefits that come with using the LayBag. For one, it is a convenient seating option for those who don’t want to lug around heavy chairs or uncomfortable stools when they go out for their summer activities. Because the LayBag is so light and comes in an easy to carry bag, it can conveniently be taken anywhere, from the pool side to the beach. Users of the LayBag have even taken it on long hikes, using the inflatable chair as a way to relax in comfort after a long day of exertion.

While the LayBag is extremely light, it is still made of the highest quality materials. When many first time users see the LayBag, they’re surprised that it can take the weight of a single person, much less take their weight on any ground that isn’t perfectly flat. However, not only is the LayBag able to take the weight of two or three full grown adults, it is reliable enough that it can be placed on almost any type of terrain. The LayBag can be used on sandy beaches, concrete, and grass. However, the durability of the LayBag also make it perfect for uneven ground, such as that found in mountains, jungles, or other less than ideal areas.

Not only is the LayBag able to be used on a wide range of terrain, it is also water proof. While it isn’t recommended for the LayBag to be used in pools, lakes, oceans, or rivers, it has been used in these areas with great success. In fact, the LayBag has even been used in the snow with no problem at all.

Finally, the LayBag is extremely easy to inflate and deflate, making it perfect for those who don’t want to spend huge amounts of time setting up their outdoor seating. Within a few seconds, the LayBag can be removed from its pouch, opened up, and filled, with users quickly closing the clasps that will keep it filled. And, deflating is even faster. Once the ends are opened, the LayBag can be rolled up from the closed end, moving the air out so that it can easily be put back in its carrying pouch.

Purchasing The LayBag

As mentioned above, because the LayBag has been able to expand its product line recently, due to the popular demand of the product, as well as its partnerships with other companies across the globe. Because of this, there are several options available for the LayBag, many at discounted prices. The list of the LayBag options and their prices can be found below.

  • LayBag Black – $79
  • LayBag Blue – $79
  • LayBag Green – $79
  • LayBag Pink – $79
  • LayBag California – $89
  • LayBag Clementine – $89
  • LayBag Outdoor Olive – $89
  • LayBag Ruby – $89
  • ZicZac LayBag – $99
  • The LayBag Light Kit – $19.99



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