Hyper360 Virtual Reality Android 360 Camera Review – Does It Work?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that has become highly popular in the past decade or so. This is primarily because of the advancements that have been made in the field of computer processing capabilities and simulation capacities. Generally speaking, scenarios involving Virtual Reality make use of special headsets that allow for more visual depth and perceptual clarity. In addition to this, VR field are also sometimes used in combination with physical spaces so as to create an illusion of a working environment that we cannot only interact with, but also make real live changes in.

What Is Hyper360?

The Hyper 360 is an all new ‘lightweight and compact spherical camera’ that can be easily connected to a computer, smartphone via USB Type-C. Micro USB adapter. The product is highly compatible and can be used with all high quality Android devices available in the market today. It is extremely accessible and can be used by following these simple steps :

  • The Hyper 360 camera should first be prepared by taking it out of its packing and charging it using the provided cable.
  • After the device has been made functional, it should be connected to your phone and through a simple ‘click on’ process
  • Following this, the camera can be used to make 360 degree recordings instantly.

Hyper360 Key Aspects

As the name suggests, this little device allows us to capture all of our adventures in full 360°. Live-stream. Apart from this, the captured video can even be edited and tweaked so as to get the perfect final video. Other key aspects include:

Lens Quality:

In order to deliver crisp and clear videos every time, this camera makes use of F2.0, dual 210° fish eye lenses.

Multi Functional Modes:

The Hyper 360 can be used for shooting photos as well as videos. The mode of operation can be changed as and when desired by the user by a simple touch of a button.

High Video Quality:

All of the recorded videos are captured in high resolution that features a frame rate of 30fps. The captured video stream is rendered at a good quality of 2560 * 1280.

Light Weight:

As mentioned earlier, Hyper 360 is extremely light and can be carried around with ease. Technically speaking, a single unit weighs in at just 26.5g / 0.9oz.

What Else Should I Know About This Product?

  • Capture Modes: there are 4 unique modes of capture to choose from, they include: flat, sphere, VR and planet mode. In addition to this, the panoramic camera also provides users with other functions like a 360 webcam, a VR video shooting helper and Image Stabilizer.
  • Various Miscellaneous Features: some of the other features of the Hyper 360 include Live Broadcast, HDMI Output, VR Support, Waterproof, NightShot Function etc.

Hyper360 Conclusion

All orders for the Hyper 360 can be placed on the manufacturer's official website. A single unit is priced at $129.00, however if users purchase 2 or more units, they can obtain heavy discounts. For example, if 3 devices are procured, the individual price of each camera reduces to $74.00. All purchases come with a free delivery option. Payments can be made using safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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