Infinite Power Solutions Survival Life’s Evac3 Review – Real Tactical Emergency Tool?

Survival Life’s Evac3 Review – Real Tactical Emergency Tool?


Evac3 Tactical Emergency Tool Review

No one wants to think that they’ll ever be in an accident. After all, most people take great care when they drive. And, when drivers have friends or family in the car with them, they become even more wary on the roads, knowing that their lives and the lives of the ones they love are in their hands.

However, accidents happen. In fact, in just the first six months of 2015, more than 19,000 people died in car accidents in the United States. Those numbers were an increase from the year before, offering proof to what most people know: Accidents are happening more often. And more and more people are dying because of these accidents.

A huge percentage of the accidents that happen on roads today are a result of people not paying attention, or more specifically being on their phones. The sad thing is that no matter how careful people are on the road, if there’s even one person out there driving recklessly, they could become another statistic.

Reckless driving isn’t the only cause of accidents, however. In the winter, the slick and icy roads across the country become driving hazards. And just because it’s warmed up doesn’t mean people are now safe. Hydroplaning and problems seeing during spring and summer rain storms can also result in several car accidents.

While most people try to avoid thinking about being in accidents, the truth is, it could happen. And for those with loved ones, it’s better to be prepared than regret not being prepared somewhere down the line. The Evac3 offers people a tool for just in case. If users are ever in a car accident and they need to escape quickly, the Evac3 is the tool that will get them out and safe as quickly as possible.

What is the Evac3?

The Evac3 is a small tool that fits onto a keychain. However, despite its small size, the Evac3 is a life saving device that, when it’s needed, can be the one thing that separates people from death. The Evac3 comes in a small, plastic carrier with a keychain. While it may not look very important on the outside, when the multiple tools in this device are released, it is absolutely amazing.

First, the Evac3 contains a blade. When the Evac3 isn’t being used, this blade sits nestled in a guard, so it isn’t at all dangerous. However, when the blade is needed, users can quickly pull the blade off and cut through anything, specifically seat belts.

In addition to the seat belt cutter, the Evac3 comes with a small black head. Again, it isn’t dangerous or harmful, until it’s time to break out of a burning or sinking car. If users of the Evac3 ever find themselves in this situation, they can press this black head to break through windows. When pressed against a window, the steel tip that the head covers will release, breaking through windows in an instant and providing a quick escape for anyone trapped in car.

Finally, the Evac3 has a built in whistle that can be used to alert others. In an emergency situation, people often find they can’t speak, much less scream. In an effort to offer an alternative to screaming for help, the Evac3 contains an easy to use whistle that will get the attention of surrounding people. The sooner these people are notified, the sooner professional aid can be sent to help.

While the creators of the Evac3 know that people don’t want to think about getting in accidents or having their family be in this horrific situations, the truth is it happens. And, for those who want to have an escape plan, the Evac3 offers the perfect solution.

How the Evac3 Works

Everyone likes to think that if they were in an emergency situation, they would be able to keep a straight head. However, when people are scared and their adrenaline is pumping, it can be extremely hard to think properly, much less perform complicated tasks. Because the creators of Evac3 understand that it can be hard to focus in harrowing situations, they made the emergency device extremely easy to use. Combined with its compact form and multipurpose uses, the Evac3 is the perfect option for those who want to be prepared, just in case.

Using the Evac3 is a simple five step process. Of course, not every step may need to be used, depending on the situation. However, knowing how each part of the Evac3 works will help users work faster if they ever are in an emergency situation.

The five steps for using the Evac3 are below.

Step 1

Pulling the blade guard off the tool, users should expose the sharp belt cutter, being careful not to cut themselves.

Step 2

The blade should be pulled across the seat belt, preferably away from the user, to cut the belt away, allowing free movement of the user.

Step 3

The black head of the glass breaking tool should be pressed against the corner of the window. Users should hold the head there until they hear a click.

Step 4

When the click sounds, a spring loaded steel tip will be released from the device. This tip will shatter the window, giving users the chance to escape the vehicle. If the window doesn’t break on the first release, this step can be repeated on the other corner of the window.

Step 5

Once a safe distance from the car, the Evac3 built in whistle can be used to get attention and signal the need for rescue.

By following these five simple steps, owners of the Evac3 will be able to escape a sinking or burning car with very little effort.

Purchasing the Evac3

This is the best part about the Evac3: It’s completely free. The creators of the device know that car accidents happen every single day and if something can be done to reduce the fatalities of these accidents, it needs to be done quickly. In order to save as many people as possible, they decided to give away the Evac3 at no cost to purchasers.

In addition to trying to keep people safe, the Evac3 is being given away as a way to raise awareness about Survival Life and the Family Protection Association, the sellers of the Evac3. The whole point of this community of survival minded people is to consider the safety and security of friends, families and loved ones.

While the Evac3 is completely free, it does require a small shipping and handling cost. At only $6.95, this cost is minute compared to the peace of mind that owners of the Evac3 have every time they go out for a drive.



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