Electronics Bowl Light Review – As Seen On TV Toilet Motion Technology?

Bowl Light Review – As Seen On TV Toilet Motion Technology?


Bowl Light Review

Bowl Light is a toilet bowl light that promises to transform any toilet bowl into a rainbow of colors. Here’s our review of this unique new product.

What Is Bowl Light?

Bowl Light is a toilet bowl light that helps you see your toilet at night without turning on your bright bathroom lights. It’s available in multiple colors to turn your toilet into a “rainbowl” of light.

The light is motion-activated, so it will only turn on once you walk into the bathroom. Once motion is no longer detected, the light will turn off. The motion detection system is placed on the outside of the toilet bowl facing the door – so it will turn on as soon as you walk into the room.

You can change the Bowl Light color on-the-fly “to match your mood and décor”, explains the Bowl Light manufacturer.

Each Bowl Light is priced at around $20. The light is marketed towards parents of children as well as any adults that frequently need to use the bathroom at night.

bown light colors

Bowl Light Features

The key feature of Bowl Light is its hook design: you hook the device over the edge of your toilet bowl with the sensor facing the door. Then, you use the button on the device to select the color you like (say, a color that matches your mood or the décor of your bathroom).

That’s it! now, the light will turn on every time you need to use the bathroom so you “don’t stumble around in the dark and miss the mark”, explains the makers of Bowl Light.

Other features advertised with Bowl Light include:

-Lights up the night without waking you up (unlike with bright white bathroom lights, which can mess with your sleep cycles)

-Motion activated LED light that automatically turns on and off

-Changes the color to match your mood and décor

-Perfect for kids’ bathrooms and potty training

-One-button design that lets you quickly select the color you love

-Battery-powered (light will blink red when the battery is low)

-Water-resistant (it’s not waterproof, so don’t submerge it completely in the water)

-Color Cycle Mode, which cycles through the different colors every few seconds

Bowl Light Pricing

Bowl Light is available exclusively online through BuyBowlLight.com, where you’ll be encouraged to buy two Bowl Lights at a time (it’s advertised as a buy one, get one free offer). Be careful when you buy Bowl Light, as you’ll select the “quantity”, but the number after quantity refers to how many sets of 2 you want to buy.

If you don’t want to buy two Bowl Lights at a time, then just uncheck the box on the ordering form, in which case you’ll save $6.99. In any case, here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Bowl Light: $12.99 + $6.99 Shipping + $1 “web service fee” ($20.98 Total)

-2 Bowl Lights: $12.99 + $13.98 Shipping + $1 “web service fee” ($27.97 Total)

Oddly enough, all purchases come with a “$1 web service fee” – something that’s rarely seen on an online shopping portal. There’s also a $4.99 shipping surcharge on orders outside the continental United States.

You can also purchase multiple sets of 2 Bowl Lights, in which case you just multiple the $26.97 total by the number of sets you want to buy (you don’t get a discount on buying multiple sets).

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. To get in touch with Bowl Light’s customer service, call 844-463-1130 or email bowllight@worldpackusa.com.

Ultimately, Bowl Light is an LED light with a hook that attaches to your toilet bowl. It’s battery-powered and provides a rainbow of different colors in your toilet bowl. Whether you’re potty training children or lighting up your path at night, Bowl Light promises to help you solve a number of problems with one cool-looking device.





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