Infinite Power Solutions Zap Enforcer Review – Effective LED Stun Gun Safety Tool/Technology?

Zap Enforcer Review – Effective LED Stun Gun Safety Tool/Technology?


Zap Enforcer Stun LED Gun/Flashlight Review

Zap Enforcer is a recently-released flashlight that comes with an attached stun gun. Here’s our Zap Enforcer review.

What Is The Zap Enforcer?

The Zap Enforcer is a Stun LED Gun / Flashlight that comes with 4 different flashlight modes and an attached stun gun shocker.

The flashlight claims to provide more than 12 continuous hours of light or more than 500 shocks at 2 million volts. An LED along the side of the flashlight indicates the run time and the number of remaining shocks available.

To use the flashlight as a stun gun, you’ll need to hit your attacker with stun gun points on the top of the flashlight (near the bulb). Once those contact points touch the skin, they form a circuit and zap the attacker with 2 million volts of electricity. There’s at least one video online showing someone getting hit with the Zap Enforcer and it does appear to work as advertised.

The flashlight is priced at $99.99 and available online through Let’s take a closer look at this flashlight’s features.

Zap Enforcer Features

The Zap Enforcer Stun LED Gun/Flashlight comes with all of the following features:

-4 flashlight modes, including low, medium, high, and strobe

-More than 12 hours of continuous light or more than 500 shocks at 2 million volts

-Real-time LED indicating the run time and number of remaining shocks

-On/off safety switch and stun button

-NiMH battery, wall charger, and sturdy belt-clip holster

-Wrist strap for easy carrying

-Cree XR-E 3W LED capable of providing 110 lumens of light output

-“Aerospace grade aluminum body” that makes it “suitable for use as a striking weapon”, according to the manufacturer

The flashlight can use the stun gun and flashlight at the same time – so you don’t have to turn off the flashlight to use the stun gun. The stun gun is available to purchase by anyone 18 years of age and older and does not have to be reported to law enforcement agencies.

You can see the stun gun in action for yourself: there’s a video on YouTube of a man receiving a 2 million volt shock from the flashlight.

Zap Enforcer Pricing

The Zap Enforcer is priced at $99.99 from However, it’s available for purchase at a cheaper price from, where it’s priced at $66.50.

Oddly enough, Amazon is the most expensive online retailer of the ZAP Enforcer, where it’s priced at $119.99 (although it comes with free shipping.

Ultimately, the ZAP Enforcer is a flashlight/stun gun combo that appears to work as advertised to deliver 2 million volts of electricity into an attacker’s body. However, you’ll need to be in physical contact with the attacker for it to work. You can also find stun guns for a comparable price online, if not much cheaper – so it’s up to you to decide whether or not the flashlight addition is worth the considerably higher price.




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