Equipment Music & Speaker Systems Water Bomb Speaker Review: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for the Bathroom?

Water Bomb Speaker Review: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for the Bathroom?


The Water Bomb Speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can hang in the shower while listening to music. The waterproof design protects the speaker from potential damage by steam, water, and other moisture without any other protection needed.

What is the Water Bomb Speaker?

A shower can be a relaxing and necessary experience. Even though it is just a way to stay clean for most people, there are others that understand the kind of soul-reviving experience a shower can be. Instead of just grabbing any soap, the people that find showers soothing want to set a certain tone. Whether they want to be invigorated, to get out stress, or to relax, music has the power to create the ambiance.

Unfortunately, between the barrier of a shower curtain or door and the humidity a hot shower creates, getting the kind of quality desired from any regular speaker can be difficult. While there are many shower speakers that can play the radio, the Water Bomb Speaker connects via Bluetooth to play any music the user chooses through their phone. The phone doesn’t even need to be in the same room, though the website is unclear of how far the Bluetooth connection can go.

In addition to the impressive audio, the Water Bomb Speaker is resistant to oxidation and discoloration, which is common in products that are constantly exposed to water and moisture. The actual material is unnamed, but consumers may be able to learn more about it with customer service.

Where to Get the Water Bomb Speaker

Though Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers have products that are fairly similar to the Water Bomb Speaker, the only way that customers can specifically buy this model is through the official website:

At the moment, the website has a “special offer” that reduces the total cost by 50% per speaker. Plus, customers have free shipping with any purchase. The products can be purchased in a single ($45), double ($75) or triple pack ($109), and the company even lets consumers choose from six different colors – black, white, blue, red, green, and orange.

Water Bomb Speaker Summary

The Water Bomb Speaker may become an essential household item for customers that like their mornings with a little more melody. The device seems easy to use, and the Bluetooth connection allows consumers to choose a playlist or even a news report that they want to play. The only real downside about the website is that it doesn’t have much more information, apart from the images that show a hook that can be locked onto a curtain rod, towel rack, or shower caddy.

Covered by a 14-day return policy, consumers that don’t get what they expected from the Water Bomb Speaker can speak with customer service by phone: 347-708-1493 if a refund is needed.

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