Equipment Gadgets Wallet Buckle Review – Western Style Convenient Buckle Wallet?

Wallet Buckle Review – Western Style Convenient Buckle Wallet?


Wallet Buckle claims to be the best way to secure your cards and ID. Find out how Wallet Buckle works today in our review.

What Is Wallet Buckle?

Wallet Buckle is a combination between a wallet and belt buckle. A Wallet Buckle looks like an ordinary belt buckle at first glance, but can be used to hold up to 5 credit cards and plastic ID cards.

Wallet Buckle first debuted on Kickstarter in 2016. Today, anyone can order Wallet Buckle online through the company’s official website.

The company sells a number of popular buckles and designs, including their “Rustic American Flag” option for $50, and their Laser Etched Leather Flag option for $94.95.

The wallets are made by a Walnut Creek, a California-based company launched by brothers Trevor and Justin Johnston. The buckles have appeared on major media outlets over the last few months.

The company’s marketing team also appears at festivals and other events where attractive men and women wear t-shirts saying, “Ask Me About My Buckle” with arrows pointing to their belt buckles.

Let’s take a closer look at whether or not Wallet Buckle should be your next wallet and belt buckle.

How Does Wallet Buckle Work?

Wallet Buckle is designed for anyone who is concerned about losing their wallet. Whether you’re having a night out on the town or you’re at an outdoor music festival, Wallet Buckle wants to protect you “so you never have to worry about leaving your cards and ID behind”.

The technology is straightforward: you get a belt buckle with a secret compartment behind the front of the buckle. The compartment is engineered to the exact specification of card sizes. You get a secure fit for 1 to 5 cards.

The company claims they made 5 prototypes before deciding on the final design. That final design promises to hold your cards snugly in place – so even if you’re dancing or jumping around, your cards and ID aren’t going anywhere.

Types Of Wallet Buckles

There are dozens of different Wallet Buckle designs available today through the official website. Here are the company’s most popular buckles, along with their prices:

  • Rustic American Flag: $49.95
  • Antlers & Roses (Rose Gold): $49.95
  • Pastel Aztec (Rose Gold): $49.95
  • Hand Tooled American Flag: $295
  • Black Crystal (Gun Metal Rope): $94.95
  • Laser Etched Leather Flag: $94.95
  • Silver & Brass Longhorn Print ($49.95)
  • Boho Patch on Black Leather ($94.95)
  • American Flag Motorcycle ($49.95)
  • Aztec Bullhead ($49.95)
  • Beer Drinking Babe ($49.95)

Engravings are available on some of the company’s belt buckles, letting you carve your own message into the buckle to make it your own.

Where To Buy Wallet Buckle

Wallet Buckles are available online at the prices listed above.

You can also find Wallet Buckle in certain stores and retailers. The company has a Store Finder. So far, the buckles are only available at a small number of retailers (mostly Boot Barn locations in California). So your best option is to order your Wallet Buckle online.

Wallet Buckle Summary

Wallet Buckle is an innovative product unlike anything else on the market. The belt buckle looks like an ordinary belt buckle – until you realize there’s a hidden compartment for 5 ID cards or credit cards behind the buckle.

Wallet Buckle has a big presence at outdoor music festivals. The company has also appeared on several major media outlets in the last year, after successfully funding their project on Kickstarter in 2016.

Wallet Buckle seems to be particularly popular among outdoor music festival attendees – or anyone who wants to protect their stuff on a big night out on the town.

To learn more about Wallet Buckle, or to purchase Wallet Buckles today, visit their website now.



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