Electronics Healthy Living V-iWhite Pro: AI Dental Health to Whiten, Polish, and Massage Teeth

V-iWhite Pro: AI Dental Health to Whiten, Polish, and Massage Teeth


The V-iWhite Pro is a device that whitens the teeth with artificial intelligence and ultrasonic technology. The device is available online, which presently has a promotion for 50% off the purchase and free shipping.

What is V-iWhite Pro?

There is nothing more friendly than a genuine smile upon greeting a friend, coworker, or loved one, but yellowed and stained teeth often ruin the otherwise beautiful moment. Even though dental hygiene can help with the daily bacteria and other particles that end up on teeth, periodic whitening can eliminate the stains that occur with frequent smoking, consumption of coffee, and other habits. A trip to the dentist for whitening can be expensive and inconvenient, but the V-iWhite Pro makes this treatment much easier.

The V-iWhite Pro uses ultrasonic technology to treat the surface of the teeth, while the soft antimicrobial silicone provides a gentle mouthpiece for the user. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the silicone molds to the user’s mouth for a comfortable fit in a U-shape design, brushing the teeth with 360-degree angling. Along with whitening and polishing the teeth, this device also massages the gums for an enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, the use of the V-iWhite Pro makes it possible to whiten teeth anytime and anywhere, without any concern for scheduling conflicts or working in a hundred-dollar treatment.

Where to Buy the V-iWhite Pro

The V-iWhite Pro is only available to customers in the United States by purchasing it through their website. There’s a limited sale that takes 50% off the retail value, but this promotion appears to be part of a daily deal.

For now, consumers can choose from one of these package options at a discounted rate:

  • One V-iWhite Pro: $89.95
  • Two V-iWhite Pro’s: $149.95
  • Three V-iWhite Pro’s: $179.95

Contacting the Customer Service Team

With this high-tech device, consumers may want to learn more about the technology and the device before they make their purchase. For additional information, inquiries can be sent to support@ecomerzpro.net.

V-iWhite Pro Summary

The V-iWhite Pro saves consumers the time and money that a typical whitening treatment would cost, but with the added benefit of teeth polishing and a gum massage in the process. The product costs a fraction of what most other professional-grade devices cost and the silicone offers a comfortable fit. While there are no details on how long the process takes, this concern (and others) can be addressed with the customer service team.



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