Equipment Air Conditioners UV Cooler Review: Portable Air Conditioner and Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer

UV Cooler Review: Portable Air Conditioner and Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer


The UV Cooler is a revolutionary portable air conditioning unit that helps to circulate colder air, while eliminating particles and germs in the air. With the long-lasting battery, users can get up to 12 hours of continual relief from heat without being recharged or refilled.

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What is the UV Cooler?

Most of the states in this country are already seeing the high temperatures of summer, even though the solstice won’t actually commence for another couple of weeks. Stores are filled with pool toys, outdoor cooking tools, and pitchers for lemonade, which are all helpful in taking advantage of the warm sunlight. However, the body can only take so much, and there’s always a point when it is nice to get a little relief with a good air conditioner.

For individuals that don’t have the cooling effect they want from their own unit, or travel somewhere that doesn’t offer air conditioning, there’s the UV Cooler. This portable device is capable of cooling off any room fast, and purifying the air in it in the process. It includes a small UV light to purify the air around it, which is safe for anyone in the room to be exposed to. However, germs will be killed as they are exposed, keeping the air as clean as it is soothing.

Rather than just using water like other humidifying coolers do, the UV cooler uses a combination of both water and ice to keep air chilly for half a day of use before any other upkeep is needed.

Buying the UV Cooler

For one UV Cooler, consumers can expect to pay $105 right now with a 50% off promotion, but consumers can increase their order to two coolers ($185) or three coolers ($229) for an even bigger discount per unit. Each cooler is available in either black or white, and consumers can order their filters in the same transaction without increasing the cost of shipping, because its free.

For extra coverage, the website offers a one-year ($5.95) or two-year ($9.95) warranty at checkout as well.

UV Cooler Summary

The UV Cooler helps consumers make any room in their home or office into a chilly sanctuary from the 90-degree weather outside. The long-lasting battery is one of the greatest appeals about this device, considering that many other portables are limited to eight hours of coolness or less.

Still, the only downside about the UV Cooler is the limited amount of information offered online about its use and how it offers such effectiveness. Consumers are also not told the size of the room that the cooler can be effectively used in, though customer service (347-708-1493) may be able to answer these large gaps in the product's details.

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