Tactical Flashlights Tactical Lasers UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Review – Rechargeable Tactical Laser Set?

UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Review – Rechargeable Tactical Laser Set?


UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Review Guide

The UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit is a laser set that includes all the necessary accessories for maintaining the quality of the kit. This is our review.


What Is the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit?

Disasters and emergency situations are notorious for being unpredictable. No one thinks that these events are something that needs to be planned for, since no one thinks it will happen to them. Unfortunately, emergency preparedness is just about smart planning, and there are a few things that you must have ready when you need it. While a first aid kit and water may be the first things that you pack, you should also include the UltraBeam laser.

This laser kit is designed to help you see long distances, and can serve a multitude of different purposes. In fact, when you turn the laser on, you can see it’s light for up to two miles, which is perfect if you are trying to signal someone for rescue.

The laser runs on a rechargeable 3.7-volt 2500MAH lithium-ion battery. Since it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing the batteries. You can just charge up the laser and leave it in the kit. The charge will deplete over time, so you should make sure to charge it back up every so often, giving it the power it needs to perform when disaster strikes.

However, this laser’s use isn’t exclusive to emergency preparedness. There are many uses for the laser, helping you to survive in so many ways. The powerful laser can be used to inhibit the sight of someone who tries to attack you. The laser is powerful enough to blind someone, so you will need to take care not to shine it in someone’s eyes unless you need to defend yourself. You can also light a match with this laser, which helps to keep your family warm and keep a consistent level of light available in any situation.

This kit has everything you need to keep the laser functioning properly. In each package, even the multi-packs of the product, you will receive:

  • The laser
  • A charger for the laser
  • An additional lens
  • A waterproof case, for storage
  • A safety lock, to prevent over-usage

Read on to find out why this product is so valuable for your emergency preparedness and everyday life.

How the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Works

This laser is designed to be the perfect solution in an emergency. The laser has the maximum legal wattage, making it powerful enough to be seen for miles. Essentially, the main reason that this laser is so effective that you will probably want to stock up on multiple lasers, ensuring that you are prepared for any event.

Pricing for the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit

When you purchase the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit, you can order multiple lasers at a time. As you order more, the value of your purchase increases, while the amount you pay per unit goes down. You can order up to 20 lasers in your purchase to receive the discounts. The sets do not include the batteries necessary to turn on the light. Here are the rates for each package:

  • One laser: $54, plus $5 for shipping
  • Two lasers: $90 ($45 per unit)
  • Three lasers: $120 ($40 per unit)
  • Four lasers: $159 ($39 per unit)
  • Five lasers: $185 ($37 per unit)
  • Ten lasers: $330 ($33 per unit)
  • 15 lasers: $465 ($31 per unit)
  • 20 lasers: $600 ($30 per unit)

If your purchase exceeds $75, you qualify for free shipping. Essentially, this means if you order at least two lasers, you won’t have to cover the cost to ship them. Otherwise, there is a $5 flat fee for shipping.

Contacting the Makers of the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit

If you need more information about this UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit, or you want to check on the status of your order, the only way that you can really reach the company is by calling or sending a letter.

To reach the company via phone, call 844-381-6663. There are no listed hours of operation, and there is no indication if there is an answering service if no one picks up.

To reach the company through the mail, address your letter to:

Official Survival Kit
1780 w 9000 so suite 111
West Jordan 84088


Emergency preparedness is essential in this day and age. While so many of the disasters that strike seem to be out of the United States, there are many earthquakes and other events that could happen at any moment. You need to make sure you are safe and that your family is as well. You get better value for these lasers as you increase the quantity, saving almost half of the total cost by getting the biggest set. Make sure you have a laser in every area you may need it, whether that means you store some at work, in your home office, or even in your glove compartment in the car.



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