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TrackR Bravo App – Thinnest Tracking Device for Lost Items (Phone, Wallet, Keys etc)


TrackR Review

TrackR is a new coin-sized device that attaches to your valuable items and lets you track them. Here’s our TrackR review.


What is TrackR?

TrackR is a coin-sized device that is specially designed to be attached to your valuables – like your keys, phone, or wallet.

After attaching the TrackR device to your valuables, you can use the TrackR app to locate your lost or misplaced items in seconds. If you choose, the device can also ring – helping you find your keys if they’re lost beneath the couch, for example.

When an item goes missing, the TrackR app records that item’s last known location on a map. When a TrackR user walks within 100 feet of that device, it marks the location on a map. You can look at the device’s last known location, then use the TrackR proximity detector to pinpoint that location even further.

The coin-sized device features an adhesive backing that allows it to be attached to a bike, vehicle, or other valuables.

The TrackR app is available for Android phones and the iPhone.

TrackR Features

TrackR comes with all of the following features:

-Distance Indicator: Discover the distance between your current location and the location of your valuables and determine if you’re getting hotter or colder.

-Item Ringer: You can use the TrackR app to ring the TrackR device, which emits a sound that helps you find your lost valuable.

-Phone Finder: TrackR works the opposite way to find your phone. You press the button on your TrackR device, which is presumably on your keys. Then, the device will signal the TrackR app to ring loudly (even if your phone is on silent).

-Crowd GPS: TrackR’s Crowd GPS network lets you know when a TrackR user is within range of your lost item (based on their GPS coordinates). When this occurs, you get a GPS update.

-Separation Alerts: Left your phone behind? You can create separation alerts that will cause the device to signal when you’ve walked away with your keys but not your phone, or vice versa.

-Thin Design: TrackR uses an anodized aluminum construction for the thinnest and most durable tracking device possible.

TrackR Tech Specs

-Diameter: 31mm

-Thickness: 3.5mm

-Battery Life: 1 Year (uses a replaceable CR1616 battery – not rechargeable)

-Device Ringer Volume: 85 decibels

-Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

-Device Compatibility: iPhone 4S and later; iPad 3rd generation and later; Android 4.4 devices and later with Bluetooth Low Energy (works worldwide across all these devices)

Your TrackR device can also come with a custom-engraved laser message. That message is etched into the device, letting you give it to someone as a gift, write your phone number, or even use it as a replacement for a traditional cat or dog tag.

How to Buy TrackR

TrackR is exclusively available from TheTrackr.com, where you can order it in packages of 1, 2, 4, or 10:

-1 Device: $29.99

-2 Devices: $49.99

-4 Devices: $89.99

-10 Devices: $149.99

You can choose from one of four colors (or get a variety of different colors if you’re buying a multi-pack). Colors include silver, blue, black, and salmon. However, the black, rose gold, and sky blue devices will cost you $5 extra (or you can share your TrackR purchase on social media to get a free color upgrade).

Extras like laser engraving also cost $5 extra per device.

Free shipping is available to all American addresses with all orders.

TrackR Accessories

The company behind TrackR has released three accessories so far, including:

-Pet Collar Attachment: The TrackR pet collar attachment prevents your pet from getting lost using a water-resistant accessory that can attach to any normal pet collar.

-Metal Carabiner: Lets you attach your TrackR device to your keys, a purse, a water bottle, and other items using a small metal hook.

-Water Resistant Case: Bring your TrackR into wet environments using the waterproof case.

Each of the accessories listed above costs $9.99.

Other TrackR Devices

The main device we’ve been talking about above is called the TrackR Bravo. That’s the coin-shaped tracking device that can be attached to various valuable items.

However, the company also makes a few other TrackR devices, including the TrackR Wallet and TrackR Sticker.

The TrackR Wallet, as you’ve probably guessed from the name, is designed to be placed in your wallet. It’s slimmer and can easily fit into a card slip or bill fold.

Meanwhile, the TrackR Sticker is simply a TrackR device with an adhesive backing, letting you stick it under your bike seat, under a car wheel well, or in any other spot.

About TrackR

TrackR was created as part of an IndieGoGo campaign. That campaign raised $1,695,855 USD, smashing its original funding target by 6,331%. The funding campaign was completed in August 2014 with the first devices expected to be sold in January, 2015.

Today, the devices are available to order online at TheTrackr.com, and all IndieGoGo backers should have received their ordered devices. Based on the BBB reviews below, it appears that some backers had trouble receiving the TrackR shipments they were owed.

TrackR was created by a guy named Chris Herbert who lives in Santa Barbara, California. The IndieGoGo page for Trackr claims the company has 9 “team members”.

Meanwhile, the company’s Better Business Bureau page has awarded the company an “F” after 136 complaints in the last 3 years. The vast majority (95) of those complaints were related to delivery issues.

The company lists its address as the following:

19 W Carrillo St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

You can also contact the company by phone at (805) 710-3558 or by email at carolyn@thetrackr.com. That email address puts you in touch with Carolyn Znovena, customer relations manager for the company.

The BBB also lists that TrackR has previously done business under the name “Phone Halo”.



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