Electronics TickBox TV Review – No Monthly Instant Access Streaming Video System?

TickBox TV Review – No Monthly Instant Access Streaming Video System?


Cable TV is a common service seen in a countless number of households across the United States. Having access to a huge amount of television stations gives something that the whole family can enjoy, from children’s cartoons through to documentaries and everything in between.

However, there's an emerging trend in consumer markets towards on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu that has begun rapidly taking market share away from the big cable TV brands. Cable often costs hundreds of dollars per month to get access to all the content that one desires. When this amount is compared to the pithy sum offered by its competitors, it’s easy then to see why the market has begun to change.

Although cable may never truly be replaced by streaming platforms,  there are some other methods of getting around its expensive fees thanks to devices such as the Tickbox TV. Presented as an alternative to cable, users can get access to a countless number of movie and TV show titles and live sporting events, all without having to sign a contract or pay ongoing charges.

What Is Tickbox TV?

Tickbox TV differs from cable and other streaming services  as it’s a physical device that can be plugged into any recent generation of television that supports an HDMI input

The Tickbox is a small black box that interfaces with televisions in a few simple steps. The company claims that their installation is so simple that anyone can get up and running with the Tickbox within 15 minutes or less.

Unlike other services, the Tickbox comes fully loaded and compatible with leading applications such as the Google Play app store and Kodi Media Player, which is thanks to its Android 5.1.1 operating system. What makes the device special is that one can use all the applications that one can usually get on their smart phones or tablets, thus making it a versatile device for more than just watching one’s favorite shows.

Under the hood, the box is powered by a quad-core processor, penta-core GPU and has 8GB of flash memory with 3D graphics acceleration. The speed and power of the Tickbox is therefore able to rival the performance of most desktop and laptop computers.

Users can choose from different quality settings thanks to its powerful integrated processor and onboard graphics card. One can enjoy movies in 720p, 1080p and even 4K ultra HD quality.

Tickbox TV Benefits

Tickbox could be a viable alternative to streaming services and expensive cable contracts. The device is claimed to work out of the box, and can be easily purchased via the company’s website.

There are a number of benefits claimed by the company, including:

  • Gives access to a huge number of movies: Users can enjoy the latest Hollywood releases from the comfort of their own home thanks to its included Sidekick.tv
  • Access Android Apps: One can get access to the most common applications found on Android, such as Facebook, Youtube, and many others
  • Live stream over 50,000 radio stations: People can also replace their Spotify or satellite radio subscriptions, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars in the long-term.
  • Plug n play: One can insert a removable USB hard drive into the Tickbox and scroll thru their personal collection of videos or pictures.

Users can choose from an included remote control that lets them quickly switch between stations or settings, or a mini qwerty keyboard that makes typing an easier task. These devices allow one to replace using a slow moving cursor, as they have been both developed specifically for the use with the Tickbox.

Tickbox TV Summary

The Tickbox is one of the many devices that have emerged as a response to the increasing costs associated to cable television watching and its many product variants. The Tickbox is claimed to be easy and straightforward to use, requiring minimal installation, and allows access to a huge range of content.

For a limited time, shoppers can enjoy a 40% discount if they choose to buy the device early. This discount is not guaranteed to last forever, so interested users should take advantage of this offer while there’s still time.

Although the product might not be perfect in its use and application, it could be the solution that shoppers have been looking for if they are in the market for an alternative to cable or streaming services.

The full terms and conditions of the box can be found on the company’s website, as well as other specifications that consumers should skim over.



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