Electronics Tactical Flashlights Thyrm Review – SwitchBack Ring & CellVault For Tactical Flashlights?

Thyrm Review – SwitchBack Ring & CellVault For Tactical Flashlights?


Thyrm is a lineup of tactical gear available for sale online today – including ring-based flashlight systems. Find out how Thyrm products work today in our review.

What Is Thyrm?

Thyrm is a Bay Area tactical equipment manufacturer best-known for its lineup of ring-based flashlight systems called SwitchBack.

The SwitchBack flashlight system features a ring designed to fit around your finger. That ring is attached to a standard flashlight. The idea behind the SwitchBack system is that you can hold the flashlight on your finger while also firing a weapon.

In promotional images, users are seen gripping the SwitchBack with their index finger, the same finger that’s on the trigger of a firearm. This allows you to illuminate a target without sacrificing mobility.

You can use a natural two-handed grip (also known as the SwitchBack technique) or traditional low-light techniques like Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries.

Thyrm also recently released a product called the Cell Vault, a waterproof case for battery storage.

All Thyrm products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Thyrm Products

Thyrm currently sells five core products, including each of the following:

CellVault ($19.99)

This is the newest product released by Thyrm. It’s a battery storage system that keeps your batteries dry in an IPX8 waterproof container. You can also use the case to store other critical gear. It’s available in five tactical colors as well as one transparent case.

Each case holds four AAA batteries or two AA batteries. Or, you can use it to hold survival gear like matches, hook and line, a light stick, iodine tablets, or lip balm.

It also features an attachment that lets you easily grip onto M.O.L.L.E., webbing, and straps. There are lanyard loops at both ends for enhanced portability.

To release the contents of the Thyrm CellVault, just squeeze the sides of the tube.

SwitchBack Large ($19.99)

Thyrm’s SwitchBack Large Flashlight Ring can be attached to an ordinary full-size flashlight. By attaching it to your flashlight, you get a pocket clip on one end and a finger loop on the other end.

As mentioned above, the main purpose of the SwitchBack is to free up your hands while using a flashlight and firearm simultaneously. Instead of holding one in each hand, you can loop the SwitchBack around your finger to illuminate your target.

SwitchBack Backup Click-Switch ($19.99)

The SwitchBack Backup Click Flashlight Ring is designed for compact flashlights (the Large model above is designed for full-sized flashlights). Just like the Large version, it’s designed to turn your compact flashlight “into a flexible tactical tool”.

SwitchBack Backup Tactical Switch ($19.99)

The SwitchBack Backup Tactical Flashlight Ring is the original model. This model is not compatible with flashlights that have clicking tail caps (if your flashlight does have a clicking tail cap, you’ll need to use the version mentioned above).

Keymaster Patch ($11.99)

In addition to the flashlight rings and tactical gear above, Thyrm sells a Keymaster Patch that looks like an ordinary patch you would apply to clothing. However, the back of the patch has a secret compartment for stashing a key.

The polymer patch can be stitched onto Velcro or mounted on your favorite gear. There’s also a non-metallic handcuff key included with your purchase.

Thyrm Reviews

Thyrm products are available to purchase through Amazon, where customers have left dozens of reviews.

The core Thyrm SwitchBack ring has received an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with a total of 54 customer reviews at the time of writing, which tells us that customers are largely happy with their purchase.

Some of the pros and cons we’ve collected from reading Thyrm SwitchBack reviews include:


  • Excellent investment for any firearms owner
  • Affordably-priced, and saves you money from not having to buy holsters for weapon mounted lights
  • Made in the United States
  • Clip part is low-profile
  • Lightweight
  • Works with all traditional low-light techniques like Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries, as well as the natural two-handed SwitchBack grip technique
  • Fits many tactical flashlights


  • Made from plastic material (although this cuts down on the weight of the device, so some people view it as a positive thing)
  • Takes a little getting used to

The CellVault battery storage system also has its own Amazon page, where customers have also given it an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers praise the CellVault for its excellent battery storage and great work as a Molle accessory.

Overall, across all Thyrm products, customers also praise the company for its strong customer service.

Thyrm Products Summary

Thyrm is an American tactical gear manufacturer that designs and makes its products in the United States.

Its products are priced at around $20 per unit and enhance your gear in various ways – like the SwitchBack flashlight holders that allow you to easily grip a firearm and flashlight simultaneously.

Or, there’s the well-reviewed CellVault battery holders that offer rock-solid waterproof protection for matches, batteries, and other water-sensitive gear.

If you’re interested in learning more about Thyrm or its products, you can visit them online today.



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