Electronics Tayogo Force Conduction Waterproof Bluetooth Music Headset Review

Tayogo Force Conduction Waterproof Bluetooth Music Headset Review


The Tayogo Force Headphones are a pair of listening accessories that allows the consumer to take their music wherever they go, even if they are underwater. The headphones are currently part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project before it is released to the public.

What Are Tayogo Force Headphones?

No one can ignore how important music is in the everyday lives of people around the world. Some people need music to help them create a certain mentality and attitude for something new, while others like to go through life with the songs that they love in their ears. Music is a critical part of any party, even for a summer barbecue around the pool.

While the music may be incredibly loud, there is one place that it cannot be heard – underwater. This is something that has always been an issue, but no one has sought out the way to fix it. Luckily, with the Tayogo Force Headphones, you will never have to be without music again.

The Tayogo Force Headphones may just look like a regular pair of headphones at first, but they offer so much more. In addition to offering incredible sound, they allow the user to wear the headset underwater for an equally fulfilling music experience. The headphones offer an mp3 player directly inside with up to 8GB of storage and a FM radio.

Within each set for the Tayogo Force Headphones, consumers will find:

  • The mp3 headphones
  • A charging USB cable
  • A carrying bag
  • Swimming earbuds
  • Anti-shock rings for the earbuds
  • Anti-shock stickers

The difference between this company and others is that they are realistic about who their headphones will help the most. Even though the headphones can receive audio from a cell phone, they are not meant for long-term phone use or for answering calls underwater.

Luckily, with the secure texture of the headset, they can easily stay on someone’s ears while taking a jog and working out. With these benefits, it is easy to understand how important the right set of headphones can be.

How Do Tayogo Force Headphones Work?

To make the Tayogo Force Headphones as powerful as they are, the creators use bone conduction technology to play the music.

The device takes advantage of the natural way that the ears receive sounds by replicating the way that sound waves reverberate off the bones in the ear. These vibrations activate nerves, interpreting the sound in the brain. With the angle and positioning of the headphones, the vibrations of the music can easily reach the eardrums.

Along with the impressive technology and sound, these headphones feature a patented design that completely protects them from the potential damage of water by up to 10 feet in depth for five hours. Despite the protection, they still come with a comfortable and soft silicone texture to still be secured on the head.

Using The Tayogo Force Headphones

The headphones are controlled in two ways – through the smartphone app while out of the water, and by using the controls on the side of the headset while underwater. The smartphone app is perfect for physical activity, since it has a built-in tracker for steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Wear the Tayogo Force Headphones in the pool, on a job, or even in the shower.

While not in use, the consumer can plug the headphones into their computer to change their playlist or charge up the device for the next outing. Though the music can only be changed from song to song on the headphones themselves, the smartphone app will help the user organize their music in the order that they want to take part in it.

Purchasing The Tayogo Force Headphones

Right now, the Tayogo Force Headphones are not yet available for consumers to buy, as they are presently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website, allowing businesses to fund their innovative ideas through donations from interested consumers.

Right now, the Tayogo Force headphones are offered with the following pledges (in either black or yellow):

  • Pledge $69 and up, for the single set of Tayogo Force headphones
  • Pledge $120 and up, for two sets of the headphones
  • Pledge $175 and up, for three sets of the headphones
  • Pledge $225 and up, for four sets of the headphones
  • Pledge $580 and up, for ten sets of the headphones

The first shipment of the headphones will go out in July 2017, regardless of the package selected.

Tayogo Force Headphones Customer Service

With such refined technology, consumers may want to learn more information about the Tayogo Force Headphones beforehand. The customer service team can be reached by phone or email.

  • Phone: 86-0755-89395050
  • Email: cs@tayogo.com

Tayogo Force Headphones Conclusion

The Tayogo Force Headphones are the perfect addition to any vacation or day in the sun. The headphones never have to come off, if you want to take a dip in the pool or go on a jog. With an affordable package offered through Kickstarter, anyone can afford the exclusive pricing for the Tayogo Force Headphones.



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