Infinite Power Solutions Stitch Fix Review – Women’s Personal Fashion Clothing Stylist Worth It?

Stitch Fix Review – Women’s Personal Fashion Clothing Stylist Worth It?


Stitch Fix Review

For years, personal stylists have been responsible for secretly working behind the scenes to give celebrities their effortless style, making them the envy of all those watching. The fashion industry is ever changing, and is dependent on having the rich and famous showcase trends that ripple through to people from all walks of life. Whether it is a matter of transforming an image, or wanting to experiment with bold colors and patterns, each person has a unique sense of style that reflects who they are.


Once a luxury of the rich and famous, personal stylists, shoppers, and fashion advisors are now at the disposal of any and all those who are faced with a fashion dilemma. The benefits of a personal stylists are endless, and will make wardrobe changes easy and fun without the stress of dressing room anxiety.

A personal stylist is professionally trained to create and present looks that are flattering, modern, and unique. They also have the ability to establish a new style that is easy to maintain, while choosing clothing that suits lifestyle needs. A personal stylist will also provide multiple ways to wear items, allowing a bigger wardrobe that allows the client to co-ordinate and combine pieces to create unique looks that stand out.

More importantly, a personal stylist can always transform a wardrobe regardless of budget constraints. The stylist works to save their clients’ money on future purchases because of access to sales and reduced prices, and the know-how of when to buy certain seasonal items. The stylists teach their clients the tools needed to make style and fashion fun, open their eyes to flattering and age appropriate clothes, show them how to shop like a professional, and demonstrate how to become their own style advisor in the future while boosting confidence and self-esteem.

A personal stylist is essential in getting the most out of individual style and fashion, and Stitch Fix has made access to a personal stylist an easy and optimal experience for everyone. Designed for busy career women, Stitch Fix is a fashion retailer that is a combination of exemplary technology, and expert styling working together to deliver a personalized shopping experience to fit any and all fashion needs.

About Stitch Fix

As mentioned above, Stitch Fix brings a personalized shopping experience to those seeking style advice. Stitch Fix provides a virtual experience that is unique to each client all from the comfort of their home. The first step in accessing the services is to first fill out a style profile which is a short survey/quiz that allows the stylists to understand the individual size, shape, style, budget, and lifestyle of the client. After completing the style profile, the client then picks a date to receive the first shipment of handpicked items based on the style profile.

After choosing the date, Stitch Fix then employs one of their personal stylists sends a shipment of five clothing items and accessories that mirror the unique style profile made by the client. Once the stylist has chosen the items, the client is charged a standard $20 styling fee which is applied as credit toward anything that the client chooses to keep from the shipment.

Once the shipment is received, Stitch Fix encourages the client to try on all of the items that the personal stylists have handpicked and create new looks from their current wardrobe as well as the new items from the shipment. The client can then pick and choose from the shipment, buying what they like and returning the unwanted items. To pay for the items that are being kept, the client needs to log onto their Stitch Fix account and pay for the items, and return the others.

Features of Stitch Fix

What makes Stitch Fix unique is the personalized experience that suits any budget. The personal stylists are available throughout the experience and communicating with the stylists will only make the experience better. Because the personal stylists are so dedicated to created unique looks for each client, no two clients have ever received the same selection of items. Because of unique tastes and styles, Stitch Fix carries a wide range of items regardless of age, size, gender, or style.

Stitch Fix makes shopping convenient and easy because the items are shipped directly, and the stylists do all the hard work of picking out clothing and accessories for each client. Stitch Fix makes the dressing room, your home. Stitch Fix works with over 200 of the best brands, well known brands, as well as new labels that are featured in magazines, and worn by stylish celebrities.

Stich Fix is like no other shopping experience because it is completely customized in every aspect. They carry a wide range of inventory that suits all ages. Each package is designed with age appropriate and pieces that will flatter the client. Currently they are able to style women who wear sizes 0/XS-14/XL which are representative of the brands that they carry. Although there is not an alternative plus size line, Stitch Fix is launching a Plus size platform in the Spring of 2017. Stitch Fix also offers maternity items which can be specified on the style profile to coordinate with the clients’ due date. Currently there is not a men’s line, but Stitch Fix is exploring a branch of the women’s platform to offer men access to their services which is planned to launch in the fall of 2016.

Joining Stitch Fix

The average price for each item is approximately $55.00. However, there is a various range of price points that are available. Based on the style profile, the stylists will pick items that reflect the budget preferences. Also, if the client chooses to buy all five pieces, they receive a 25% discount on the entire purchase.

A return envelope with a prepaid shipping label is included in each of the packages. All the returns can be dropped off in any USPS drop box or post office. Returns are due back three days after the package has been received. If the return has not been postmarked within three days of the receipt, Stitch Fix will assume that all five items are being kept, and the credit card of file will then be charged for the entire shipment.

In order to get the most out of the Stitch Fix Experience, the client is encouraged to give feedback on each of the items they receive in order for the personal stylists to send better selections in the future, and improve on what would work better in the next shipment. Because Stitch Fix does not require a membership fee or a monthly subscription, clients can choose to receive regular scheduled shipments, or opt out and choose dates that suit their needs.



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