Equipment UltraViolet Lights & Products SmartKlean UV Light Sanitizer Review: Quality Ultraviolet Cleaning Wand?

SmartKlean UV Light Sanitizer Review: Quality Ultraviolet Cleaning Wand?


Smart Klean is a handheld UV light that allows consumers to sanitize different surfaces at a moment’s notice. This device is small enough to keep in a pocket, making it the perfect size to bring along while traveling or during errands.

What is SmartKlean?

The spread of COVID-19 has led to shortages of many essential supplies around the world, even for workers that are forced to remain on the frontlines to serve the public. Companies around the world are working to replenish the shortage of face masks, gloves, and even cleaning supplies, as the masses stockpiled. Most of these supplies are meant to be disposable, as consumers disperse of the products as a means to eliminate the germs as well.

While reaching for a new mask with every venture into the public would be nice, these sterile masks become contaminated whenever they are exposed to germs. For the most part, it is next to impossible to sterilize them again, which is part of why the handheld Smart Klean device is so helpful. With Smart Klean, consumers are able to sanitize nearly anything, including their face masks, to prevent the spread of germs without sacrificing their health.

Smart Klean makes it possible to clean any object at any place within a few seconds, using technology that never has to physically be sprayed on or wipes across its surface. Think about the most commonly used items in a home and how often they are touched, almost no one cleans their hands from one item to the next. Items like smartphones, pens, and even clothing can collect germs in just a few seconds, but Smart Klean can eradicate those germs in the same amount of time with ultraviolet light.

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Why Use Ultraviolet Light on Germs?

Ultraviolet light is not a new technology in the world, but the ability to use it for personal sanitation is. Considering the major power that it has, hospitals and doctors’ offices around the world already utilize it to keep their surfaces clean to prevent cross-contamination of germs. It is powerful enough to take germs off of almost anything, but how?

Cleaning with ultraviolet light or more technically, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, can kill and inactivate microorganisms. When these microorganisms are exposed to UVC light, their nucleic acid is destroyed, which means that their DNA is fully disrupted, and they cannot function. When they can’t function, they no longer live, and the microorganisms are destroyed. This light is used to keep many areas clean, and it has been used as an acceptable way to disinfect since the middle of the 20th century by medical facilities and related work environments.

With the UV light in Smart Klean, consumers can eliminate germs, fungi, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms to truly make a surface clean.

FAQ: What Else Do Potential Buyers Want to Know?

Even with the information available here and through the official website, there’s still a few questions that might need to be cleared up. Let’s answer a few of those inquiries that consumers might have.

Q: How long do germs live on surfaces?

A: Every germ is different, but most bacteria and fungi have the staying power to remain on dry surfaces for months at a time. That means, if its been a while since a remote or even a handle of a car door has been cleaned, it is probably holding the germs of every person that has touched it, and those germs are probably still alive.

Q: What do users need to do to activate the power of the Smart Klean device?

A: Based on the diagrams on the website, consumers should just need to flip open the light cover (which also functions as a handle) to turn on the light.

Q: What if the user goes somewhere that has already been cleaned? What can this device do for them?

A: Realistically, the only way for consumers to know that a surface is clean with certainty is to do it themselves. Even if they are staying in a freshly cleaned hotel room, there are many surfaces that aren’t typically cleaned. Having this device available at a moment’s notice can make a big difference in the spread of germs.

Q: What if the user doesn’t get what they want from the product?

A: The Smart Klean is capable of cleaning any surface, but it may not serve the purpose that the user is trying to apply it to. If that’s the case, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to get a refund. However, if the issue is just with the functioning of the device, the company also offers a replacement.

Q: Where can consumers turn to learn more information beyond what the website provides?

A: The customer service team will be able to answer any other questions, including about a recent order, via phone call (800-990-2142) or email (

How to Buy SmartKlean

There are actually a few different websites to purchase Smart Klean from if the user takes a quick search on Google. Still, among all of these websites, the prices are about the same at $69.99 for a single device, which is a markdown from the standard $139.98 price tag.

Consumers can also choose from a few different packages for a better price per unit, including:

  • Two Smart Klean devices for $139.98
  • Three Smart Klean device for $167.98
  • Four Smart Klean device for $192.47

The only package that doesn’t include free shipping is the single device, which costs $10 for this fee.

SmartKlean Summary

When the world is still working to fight the pandemic, the Smart Klean light helps consumers be careful about what they expose themselves to. Even if someone without the virus has touched a cart or even a can of coffee, those germs could still be alive, and this device kills them fast. Protecting the body with this type of sanitation process is a surefire way to kill up to 99.9% of germs at an affordable price, and that kind of protection is crucial to keep illness away.

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