Equipment Cleaning Devices Sirena Water Vacuum Review – Complete Cleaning System?

Sirena Water Vacuum Review – Complete Cleaning System?


The Sirena Water Vacuum presents itself as ‘The most advanced vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers’. Promising clean, allergy free vacuuming with no bags, odor elimination, advanced water based filtration technology and 100 percent cleaning efficiency without clogging, Sirena offers allergy sufferers a chance to access premium technology without a premium price tag.

Sirena-VacuumIn this article we’ll take an in depth look at the Sirena Water Vacuum from the ground up, providing details on the technology involved in the vacuum as information on the design, construction and features of the Sirena Water Vacuum to help you decide whether this vacuum is the best choice for you.


What is the Sirena Water Vacuum?

Sirena promises to be the most advanced vacuum in the world, with a wide array of features that set it apart from traditional vacuum cleaners. The Sirena Water Vacuum uses a water based filtration system that allow users to do away with expensive vacuum bags for good, using water to capture dirt and dust.

The water capture system of the Sirena Water Vacuum offers 100% Cleaning Efficiency, and not having to change bags means each use of the Sirena Water Vacuum is as efficient as the very first.

Multiple speed setting and usage modes make the SIrena Water Vacuum a versatile cleaning tool. Functioning in normal mode provides all of the expected features of a high quality vacuum, while ‘Quiet’ mode transforms the Sirena Water Vacuum into a air freshener, deodorizer or vaporizer.

Sirena have included a true HEPA filter to sort and catch microscopic particles that can’t be dissolved in water, and is completely eco friendly, with no disposable bags meaning less land fill and damage to the environment.

The Sirena Water Vacuum offers air purification capabilities, as the water filtration system water-washes the air itself, and has odor elimination capabilities- adding Sirena’s Ocean Breeze odor eliminator to the water reservoir can remove odors from cooking, pets, and tobacco. The Sirena Water Vacuum also reduces allergen levels in the home by eliminating dust mites and their associated waste which contribute greatly to allergies.

Sirena Water Vacuums are designed to provide a deep, long lasting clean through all types of carpets to provide a safe environment for all family members. The Sirena Water Vacuum uses a powerful 1200W italian made motor to provide high power suction that can reach through multiple layers to efficiently clean even the thickest of carpets.

The nozzle design of the Sirena Water Vacuum has three separate height levels to ensure the most efficient airflow level and smooth motion on different carpet surfaces.

Why Use the Sirena Water Vacuum?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can often be just as polluted as the outside air and sometimes even more, as toxins and contaminants are trapped inside homes without sufficient airflow.

Poor air quality or cleanliness in the home can cause breathing difficulties and intensify the effects of allergic conditions through increasing levels of unsanitary conditions such as mold, airborne particulates or dust mites. Many traditional vacuum systems allow non-water soluble contaminants such as sawdust, drywall dust and fine dirt to escape back into the home.

The SIrena Water Vacuum uses a True HEPA filter to trap these particulates and provide a deeper clean.

The Sirena Water Vacuum can also be used to treat congestion and nasal congestion conditions with it’s vaporizer function, and adding herbal remedies such as eucalyptus oil to the water reservoir can quickly relieve these conditions.

The Sirena Water Vacuum quiet mode can be used to run quietly in the background of the home to purify the room and increase air quality and odor.

The Sirena Water Vacuum also offers to pet owners the ability to get rid of difficult to remove pet hair from the home. Pet hair can cause allergies and cling to many surfaces in the home, with traditional vacuums often unable to efficiently remove hair as it sticks to and clogs the filters and reduces suction power.

The water based filtration system of the Sirena Water Vacuum provides a solution to this difficult problem, and with animal hair distributed evenly through the water filtration system, the Sirena Water Vacuum can provide even, consistent, powerful suction over multiple room cleaning.

How the Sirena Water Vacuum Works

The SIrena Water Vacuum doesn’t require bags to gather and store dust, particulates and other common household contaminants. The Sirena Water Vacuum traps vacuumed materials in a large 3.5L water reservoir that holds the trapped dirt and dust.

Once air is pulled into the Sirena Water Vacuum it passes through the water reservoir, which traps the contaminants and particulates such as pet hair, dust and dust mites in the swirling vortex of water.

The vacuumed air then passes through a HEPA filter that cleans the air and passes it back into the room. Changing bags in a traditional vacuum can be a messy affair. This process is streamlined with the Sirena Water Vacuum- simply empty the water reservoir and the dirt is gone.

Refilling the water reservoir of the Sirena Water Vacuum is as equally simple and optional Fragrance Packs available from Sirena can be added to the water to provide therapeutic or odor reducing effects. The Sirena Water Vacuum is designed with safety and longevity in mind, and is designed to be able to clean the entire house without emptying the water reservoir.

Sirena Water Vacuum Pricing & Availability

The Sirena Water Vacuum is available to order from the Sirena website or via a dedicated hotline, and comes with a wide variety of attachments, including a power nozzle, floor brush, upholstery brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, inflation tool, premium electric hose and more.The Sirena Water Vacuum is priced at $889 and includes a free fragrance pack, ocean breeze deodorizer, and a sirena turbo brush.

The Sirena Water Vacuum is covered by a 10 year manufacturer warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee. If you suffer from persistent allergies, annoying pet hair or are sick of the poor performance of traditional vacuums, the Sirena Water Vacuum is a great cost effective choice for keeping your home clean and allergy free.



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