Equipment Dash Cams & Car Safety Rad Speed Pro Review – Advanced Radar Detector Avoids Speeding Tickets?

Rad Speed Pro Review – Advanced Radar Detector Avoids Speeding Tickets?


RadSpeed Detector Pro is a radar detection system that promises to help you “drive without limits”. Read our review today to find out if it’s worth the money.

What Is RadSpeed Detector Pro?

RadSpeed Detector Pro is a radar detection system that detects radar guns used by law enforcement. Every day, police use radar guns to track a driver’s speed. Using a device like RadSpeed Detector Pro, you can receive an alert before the police see you.

Obviously, radar detection systems aren’t new. They’re almost as old as radar guns themselves. What makes RadSpeed Detector Pro different from other systems on the market? Let’s take a closer look at how the device works.

How Does RadSpeed Detector Pro Work?

RadSpeed Detector Pro uses a “superheterodyne receiver” to detect electromagnetic emissions from the radar gun. When those emissions are detected, the device raises an alarm to alert the motorist. You can slow down before the police catch you.

The radar gun claims to work with speed traps up to half a mile away. It also claims to detect any stable or mobile radar speed monitor ahead. And, it detects any traffic monitor (the speed guns around traffic lights) before you get to the intersection.

The radar detector is priced at around $105 per unit. It appears to offer similar (if not worse) functionality to radar detectors sold on Amazon for $50 to $60.

RadSpeed Detector Pro Features

Here are some of the features advertised by the manufacturer:

Early Warning Discriminator (EWD):

This feature claims to prevent false alarms “by eliminating signals emitted by safety sensors on many newer vehicles”. With some cheap radar detectors, you can receive alerts when you drive past vehicles.

Some radar detectors even beep when you drive past office buildings that use a keyless entry system. RadSpeed Detector Pro claims to avoid these problems with its EWD system.

Super Clear OLED Display:

RadSpeed Detector Pro claims that its screen is visible “in all lighting conditions”, so you’ll never have to squint or lose your focus on the road.

360 Degree Detection:

Most modern radar detectors have 360 degrees of protection (in the old days, many only worked in one direction). RadSpeed Detector Pro offers 360 degrees of protection with a 0.5 mile radius.

Multiple Brands & Frequencies:

RadSpeed Detector Pro claims to monitor “all bands and frequencies used by police”, including K, Ka, and super wide bands.

Fast Scanning:

RadSpeed Detector Pro claims to scan 2 to 4 times faster than any other detector, which means you have a 100% probability of detecting radar, according to the official website.

Is RadSpeed Detector Pro Legal?

Radar detectors are legal in most parts of the United States, with the exception of Virginia and Washington, D.C., assuming you’re using the detector in a private vehicle. Radar detectors are illegal in all commercial vehicles.

In Canada, radar detectors are legal in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, but are illegal in all other provinces and territories.

RadSpeed Detector Pro Pricing

RadSpeed Detector Pro is priced at the following rates from the official website at

  • 1 Unit: $104.95
  • 2 Units: $168 ($84 each)
  • 3 Units: $226.80 ($75.60 each)
  • 5 Units: $315 ($63 each)

You can save an extra bit of money if you move your mouse cursor to the top of your browser. When you do that, you should see a pop-up that gives you an additional $10 off coupon.

The company claims that they normally sell RadSpeed Detector Pro at $420 per unit.

Through the sheer kindness of their hearts, they’re selling the units at 75% off through this “exclusive” online deal (in reality, there’s no evidence that this product has ever been sold for more than $104.95 per unit, and comparable radar detectors are sold on Amazon for $50).

Who Makes RadSpeed Detector Pro?

RadSpeed Detector Pro is made by a company that never gives us its name. The company simply refers to itself as “RadSpeed Detector Pro”. Fortunately, we were able to get address and contact information for the company through the official website.

The company claims to be based at the following address in San Francisco:

585 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

A quick Google Search for that address shows that it belongs to an auto body shop near AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco. It’s unclear what affiliation the business has with that address, if any.

When you request to return your RadSpeed Detector Pro, you’ll be told to send it to the following address in Idaho:

10024 N Taryne St.
Hayden, ID 83835

That address has belonged to several different businesses over the years. Most recently, it’s belonged to a business called Dollar Fulfillment, which appears to operate a warehouse at that address. It seems RadSpeed Detector Pro is sold by Dollar Fulfillment. Dollar Fulfillment is a fulfilment company that picks, packs, and ships orders for other businesses.

You can contact the company by phone at 1 (415) 329-0337 or by email at

Should You Buy RadSpeed Detector Pro?

RadSpeed Detector Pro is a product that recently launched online. The product doesn’t appear to be original: it appears to be a re-branded version of a cheap radar detector sold on Amazon. The company behind RadSpeed Detector Pro never discloses its name or real address, and there’s limited information about the company online.

Ultimately, RadSpeed Detector Pro seems to be priced much higher than its competition on Amazon. The number one bestselling radar detector on Amazon, for example (the Cobra ESD7570) is priced at $49.99 with free shipping and offers 360 degree detection across 9 bands.

In other words, you can find better radar detectors for half the price on Amazon. With that in mind, it’s unclear why anyone would buy RadSpeed Detector Pro online – especially given the shady marketing practices and lack of transparency on the official BuyRadSpeedPro website.



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