Perseus Smart Mirror – Voice Command & Interactive Display?

Perseus calls itself “the world’s smartest mirror”. What is a smart mirror and why do you need one? Let’s take a closer look today in our Perseus Mirror review.

What is the Perseus Mirror?

Perseus is a hands-free smart mirror that promises to keep you connected while making you “ridiculously good looking.” It claims to change the way you see yourself and make your groggy 7am wake-ups more fun than ever before.

What’s the secret behind Perseus? The mirror comes loaded with features you’ll never find in other mirrors – including things like an HD camera, audio, voice recognition, video streaming, text and social media, and weather updates.

It’s kind of like doing your makeup every morning in a smart display that also happens to reflect its surroundings. You can personalize your mirror however you like – so if you want to watch basketball highlights in the morning or follow-along with a makeup tutorial, then you can do that using the Perseus mirror.

Perseus is priced at around $230 on its early bird offers and is planning to deliver in May 2017. The project recently launched on Kickstarter and has already received its funding target.

We’ll take a closer look at some of the most important Perseus features below.


Perseus Features

Perseus comes with all of the following features:


Perseus streams video and syncs with popular video platforms like YouTube. In promotional videos for Perseus, users are seen following along with makeup tutorials at the top of the mirror, leaving the rest of the mirror free to reflect your impression.

Personalized Dashboard:

Perseus comes with a personalized dashboard where you can put apps and widgets wherever you like. You can customize how you see your text message alerts, for example, and weather updates. Or you can post inspirational quotes, stock symbols, and other updates. It’s all customizable via the Perseus companion app – so you control the mirror from your smartphone.


Perseus comes with a front-facing camera to let you take the perfect selfies. The creators of Perseus acknowledge that you already have an HD camera on your phone. However, they recommend using Perseus’s camera to track your outfits from day to day, take “time lapse”-style photo collages in the same place every day, or get a 360 degree view of your outfit.

Traffic Info:

Perseus posts traffic delay information right on the screen next to your Google or iCloud account information. Like everything else on Perseus, this is all customizable.

Microphone and Speaker:

Perseus uses a microphone and speaker to identify users and load different user profiles. It doesn’t actually recognize your voice – you just program a unique phrase into the mirror.

These are the current features in Perseus. In the future, the team plans to roll out unique features like the ability to hold a product’s QR code up to your mirror and then have that product delivered to your house – similar to the Amazon Dash but with one fewer button (you only press one button on the Amazon Dash).

Other planned future features include augmented reality that lets you play with accessories and new outfits. There’s also a plan to incorporate third party aps by releasing an SDK.

Perseus Tech Specs

Perseus comes with all of the following tech features and tech specs:

-Patent-pending annealed anti-fog glass

-2 GHz quad core processor


-Extended range Wi-Fi adaptor

-Integrated Bluetooth 4.0

-High-quality microphone


Perseus also comes with water-resistant technology. The mirror isn’t waterproof, so you can’t hang it inside your shower or submerge it in water. However, the mirror’s components are enclosed to protect from heat or humidity damage. The makers of Perseus claim that it will work fine in a steamy bathroom wall no matter how you like your showers.

How to Use Perseus

Using Perseus is straightforward. Here’s a basic overview:

-Hang it on your wall (all purchases come with a mounting kit) or use the stand (available as an add-on for $20) to mount it to a tabletop, bathroom counter, or vanity

-When purchasing Perseus, you can choose from a range of 7 different frame colors

Perseus Pricing

Perseus is available through Kickstarter with estimated deliveries starting in May 2017. Here’s how the current pricing and donation options work:

-$2+: Personalized thank you email.

-$25+: Personally-signed thank you card and sticker from the company.

-$30+: High-quality, soft t-shirt that says “This Is My Selfie Shirt” on it.

-$199+: One Perseus (Super Early Bird)

-$249+: One Perseus (Kickstarter Special)

-$399: Two Perseus mirrors

-$499+: One Perseus mirror + influence of retail beta apps & dedicated support (retail edition

-$999+: Perseus development kit with beta software and early access to production model.

-$10,000+: Be the voice of Persi, the voice behind the mirror

Perseus is scheduled to ship in April to May 2017, depending on how early you made your purchase.

Who Makes Perseus?

Perseus is made by an NYC-based startup named Perseus Mirrors. That company was founded by three students at the Wharton School of Business, all of whom have “simultaneous passions for geeky hacking and aesthetic charm”. The three include Erik Skantze (CEO), Antina Lee (CMO), and Nikhil Srivastava (COO).

You can learn more about the company behind Perseus by visiting

If you want to purchase the Perseus mirror or learn more about Perseus mirror pricing, you’ll find it available today at their Kickstarter page here.


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