Electronics Tactical Flashlights LunaPro HDX6 Tactical Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review

LunaPro HDX6 Tactical Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review


LunaPro HDX6 Flashlight

Flashlights are a bit of a necessity, even in today’s more modern society. While there are several more advanced options that provide people with light when they need it, there’s something about a flashlight that just makes people feel more secure. Not only are these handheld options usually brighter than the more modern choices, like solar powered lights or phone flashlights, but their durability makes them a boon for anyone.


The problem with tactical flashlights is that most people don’t realize they need one until they desperately need one. This desperation often leads to them making impulse purchases, running to the nearest store and buying a plastic flashlight that will run out of battery life in a few hours. While these flashlights are fine for everyday problems, when real emergencies come around or when users need light in a serious situation, quality matters.

The LunaPro HDX6 flashlight offers users a unique, quality flashlight experience. Not only does it provide a bright, steady beam of light, but it is also rechargeable, so there’s no need to purchase annoying and expensive batteries. Due to its many features, explained in detail below, the HDX6 is one of the best quality flashlights available. It’s the perfect purchase for anyone who wants to be ready for any and everything.

We will do our best to compare it to the best selling Shadowhawk X800 as well.

What is the LunaPro HDX6 Flashlight?

The LunaPro HDX6 is a flashlight using NASA developed technology. This advanced technology was used to make a flashlight that has a lighter body, but is still more durable than typical handheld flashlights. Due to its amazing durability and easy to carry body, the HDX6 has become a quick favorite for those in the mechanic and aviation industry. The HDX6 is small, light, but tough, making it perfect for small, dirty places.

The durability of the HDX6 is not its only big feature. Its bulb produces up to 1,000 lumens, making it one of the brightest lights available on the market today. And, not only is the HDX6 able to shine that brightly, but its bulb has a life of over 100,000 hours. This extended bulb life and intense brightness makes the HDX6 perfect for emergency situations, providing users with a dependable light source.

However, the big thing about the HDX6 flashlight that has everyone talking is the fact that it has its own internal battery charging system. Yes, there have been rechargeable batteries in flashlights before. But, very few of these options offer an internal charging system. By offering this key feature, LunaPro has positioned the HDX6 flashlight to be the biggest flashlight release of the year.

Now, buyers will no longer have to worry about needing to run out and purchase more batteries. Everything the HDX6 needs to charge is right in its sleek, stylish body. For those who find themselves in situations where losing light could cause huge problems, the HDX6 offers the perfect solution.

The Creators of the HDX6 Flashlight

The HDX6 flashlight is being released by LunaPro. For years, this Michigan based company has been in the light business. However, up until now, they’ve really remained focused on providing professional lighting to those in the aviation community.

LunaPro based its products on the needs of those who are often in dark cockpits or in crawl spaces surrounded by equipment that needs to be properly illuminated. Many times, these situations could mean the difference between safe, proper flights or terrible accidents. This is why LunaPro has always strived to produce the highest quality flashlights, so their customers don’t have to worry about their light source.

Quality is key for LunaPro. Because of its focus on quality, every part of every flashlight made by the company is carefully selected. They handpick everything, from the O-rings to the batteries, so that they can be sure their customers are getting the best product. This devotion to quality has made LunaPro a leader in the flashlight industry.

The importance of light and flashlights in particular have been at the center of LunaPro since it started. However, now the company has slowly expanded its customer base. It realized that while not everyone works in the aviation field, there are many people who want flashlights of that caliber. The flashlight is an important part of anyone’s toolbox, and LunaPro hopes to provide as many people as possible with powerful, reliable light.

Benefits of the HDX6 Flashlight

The biggest benefit of the HDX6 flashlight is that it is reliable. Because it was built using CREE LED bulbs, users can rest assured that they will always have the strongest light, one that will last them hundreds of hours. CREE has been a leader in the LED technology industry for several years, making the connection between the two companies understandable.

Another huge advantage of the HDX6 flashlight is that it has a built in rechargeable system. Not only does this give users hours and hours of battery life, but it offers them a quick and easy way to recharge, whether on the go or at home. The flashlight can be charged by using a micro USB cord. By using a USB cord for its charging, HDX6 has made it easy to plug the flashlight into computers and even cars to get charged.

In addition to being powerful and easy to charge, the LunaPro HDX6 flashlight comes with five modes of operation. Every situation is different, requiring a different amount of light. Instead of just having one, bright beam, the HDX6 flashlight offers four different illumination settings so users can decide the level of brightness they need. The final mode on the HDX6 is the strobe mode, perfect for getting attention in emergency situations.

Other benefits of the HDX6 include:

-Brightness of 1,000 Lumen

-IPX-8 Waterproof

-Mil-Spec Anodizing

-On/Off Switch with Memory

-Impact Rating of Six Feet

-Charging Cord Included

-LG Battery Included

-Can’t be Over-Charged

Purchasing the HDX6 Flashlight

The HDX6 is currently available for purchase on the LunaPro website (Lunapro.com). On the website, customers will find that there is currently a 50% off sale on all HDX6 flashlights. And, in addition to this sharp discount, the more flashlights customers buy, the bigger the discounts they get.

The HDX6 flashlight prices are broken down below.

1 Flashlight – $89.99 (50% Discount)

2 Flashlights – $161.99 (60% Discount)

3 Flashlights – $215.98 (70% Discount)

Included with the purchase of the HDX6 flashlight is:

-Rechargeable LG Lithium Battery

-Mini USB Recharging Cable

-Free Accessory Kit

And, all purchases come with completely free shipping.



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