Equipment Electric Bikes Luna Cycle – Best Quality Electric Bikes & E-Bike Batteries?

Luna Cycle – Best Quality Electric Bikes & E-Bike Batteries?


Luna Cycle, found online at, is an electronic bike “ebike” retailer offers a variety of parts and pre-built bikes for sale online. Read our review today to find out if Luna Cycle is legit.

What is Luna Cycle?

Luna Cycle LLC is an online-based business that sells a wide variety of ebikes, batteries, motors, frames, and other parts.

You can purchase a pre-built, ready-to-use bike from Luna Cycle for between $1700 and $3500. Or, you can purchase individual parts to build your own bike (or repair an existing bike).

The business’s online home is, where visitors are greeted with a conventional online store interface.

Products are separated into different categories, including ebikes, batteries, motors, frames, parts, extras, and more.

The website appears to have been created by the same team behind In an article announcing the launch of the website, the owner of described how they’re a Southern California-based company that was launched with the goal of undercutting Chinese ebike sellers.

Some of the other goals and claims of the company include offering legitimate batteries made with no Chinese cell packs (they’re mostly “name brand Japanese and Korean cells”, according to the website). The website also sells USA-built parts wherever possible.

What is an Ebike?

Ebikes, also known as electric bicycles or booster bikes, are battery-powered bicycles that look similar to ordinary bicycles.

The main difference is that they use a battery to help increase your speed without as much human effort. Many ebikes place the batteries where your water bottle holder would normally go.

A high-powered ebike provides functionality similar to a moped, giving users speeds up to 45km/hour (30mph).

However, most local laws still classify ebikes as bicycles, which means they can be legally operated on pathways and other places where motorized vehicles aren’t allowed.

Ebikes have grown in popularity throughout Asian and European markets. Today, they’re gradually becoming more popular around the world. You can find ebikes specifically designed for mountain biking or for commuting in cities.

Many municipalities are also offering ebike charging stations around town. China, Germany, India, and the Netherlands are specifically leading the growth of the ebike market.

Luna Cycle Products

As mentioned above, Luna Cycle sells a wide variety of bicycle parts and pre-built ebikes. Here are some of the most popular products currently available for sale on the site at the time of writing:


  • Luna 4 Season 3000 Black Fat Tire Ebike KHS: $2299
  • Luna Police Ebike: $2150
  • Luna Gravity Bullseye Pro Monster Fat Ebike: $2699.95
  • Luna Gravity Full Suspension Mid Drive Mountain Ebike: $1899.95
  • Luna Little Ebike: $1599
  • Luna Smoothie Luxury Cruiser: $1999
  • Luna GRIT 220 Road Ebike: $2299.95
  • Luna SF City Ebike (Shimano Internal Gear 8 Speed): $1769.95
  • Luna Ludicrous Full S Fat (with 50 Amp BBSHD): $3199


Luna Cycle has an extensive battery section. As mentioned above, the company sells Korean and Japanese batteries and specifically tries to avoid Chinese-made cells. The battery section is separated into all of the following categories and options:

  • Packs (36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V)
  • Chargers
  • Connectors
  • Gauges
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Bare Cells
  • Battery Bags
  • Battery Skins


Luna Cycle’s Motors category features Mid Drive Kits, Hub Motor Kits, and Bare Motors & Controllers, separated into their respective categories.


Luna Cycle’s Frames category includes frame kits and pre-built ebikes, including all the following subcategories:

  • Complete Ebikes
  • Electric Enduro
  • Frame Kits
  • Used Ebikes


The parts category includes all the following subcategories:

  • Bicycle Parts
  • Hub Motor Parts
  • Bafang Parts
  • Cyclone Parts
  • Magic Pie Parts


The “Extras” category is a miscellaneous-style category featuring all of the products that didn’t fit into the other categories. Subcategories here include Dashboards and Lights.


One final Luna Cycle is the “Garage” category, which features a selection of used and refurbished merchandise updated daily.

It’s unclear where this used merchandise is sourced. However, it appears to be sold through Eric, the creator of Luna Cycle and owner of

About Luna Cycle

Luna Cycle was created by the founder of That founder, Eric, had run the website for several years, promoting low-quality Chinese ebikes, before he realized he could offer better service, better batteries, and better ebikes than the Chinese retailers dominating the market. Luna Cycle was born.

The company’s “About” page describes how they “are giving China sellers an ulcer”. They frequently undercut Chinese retailers, with the ultimate goal of eliminating low-quality Chinese ebike products from the American marketplace.

Luna Cycle prides itself on offering wholesale prices to the public and claims to “truly believe in what we sell”. You can learn more about the company from their About page here.

Contact Luna Cycle by email by emailing The “Eric” behind Luna Cycle is Eric Hicks, who started back in 2010 and watched it quickly become one of the internet’s most popular electric bike information sources.

In 2015, Eric launched Luna Cycles as a provider of high-performance battery packs and ebike builder supplies.

Today, Luna Cycle sells pre-built bicycles made from high-quality ebike parts. He calls it the Luna Cycle.

Luna Cycle Review Summary

Luna Cycle launched in 2015 and is still a relatively new company. There are limited customer reviews available online.

However, the company appears to be an honest small business committed to providing high-quality ebike parts (and completely pre-built ebikes) at reasonable prices.

You can learn more about Luna Cycle by visiting their official website today at



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