Equipment Cameras Xenon Flash for iPhone – Is The iStabilizer Flash Shell Worth It?

Xenon Flash for iPhone – Is The iStabilizer Flash Shell Worth It?


The Xenon Flash for iPhone is a new device that recently achieved its funding target through Kickstarter. Find out everything you need to know in our Xenon Flash for iPhone review.

What is Xenon Flash for iPhone?

Xenon Flash for iPhone is a tech product found on that claims to take your smartphone photography to the next level.

You know how professional photographers have screens and reflectors set up during a photoshoot? Xenon Flash for iPhone wants to give your smartphone’s flash a similar appearance.

You can purchase the Xenon Flash in multiple forms, including on a tripod or as a standalone device. if you purchase the standalone device, then you can easily clip the Xenon Flash onto your phone to take a photo.

The end result is professional-looking photography on your phone’s camera. Instead of having glaring bright spots on your forehead, or uneven illumination across your photo, you can have a clean, even glow across the entire subject.

Xenon Flash for iPhone Features

-Up to 1000 times brighter than the standard LED on your phone

-Eliminate grain and noise from your smartphone photos

-Capture unique shots “like you’ve never captured before”

-Compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablets

-Pairs to your device via Bluetooth

-iOS app currently available (Android app will be launched in February, at the latest)

Essentially, this is a small device that’s slightly larger than a matchbook. It consists of a light on the front, a Bluetooth receiver inside, and a creamy-white shell backdrop. You take a picture, your phone sends a Bluetooth signal to the flash, and you get professional-looking photography from your smartphone at a fraction of the price.

Certain Xenon Flash for iPhone packages also come with a tripod called the SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod. That tripod lets you easily place the shell device up top.

You can currently only use the Xenon Flash with the app – so if you’re an Android user receiving the unit early, you’ll have to wait for the app to be released.

The reason you need the app is to synchronize the flash and ensure the lighting settings are all properly configured.

Xenon Flash for iPhone Pricing

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Flash Shell (Early Bird – December 2016): $55 USD

-1 Flash Shell (January 2017 Delivery): $55

-Bronze Bundle (Flash Shell, SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod): $65

-Silver Bundle (Flash Shell, SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod, Bluetooth Shutter Remote): $75

-Gold Bundle (Flash Shell, SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod, Bluetooth Shutter Remote, Compact Mini Tripod): $95

The estimated date of delivery is December 2016 for the earliest backers, while most other backers wait until January 2017. Free US shipping is available on all of the above purchases (international shipping is available for an added price).

The final retail price will be $99.95.

Who Makes Xenon Flash for iPhone?

Xenon Flash for iPhone is made by camera accessory company iStabilizer. That company offers a wide variety of tripods, selfie sticks, video stabilizers, and other photography-related accessories catered to modern mobile devices.

The company was founded in 2010 and has sold over 100,000 products over the years, according to its official website. The Kickstarter sales page also claims that iStabilizer products have been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox News, CBS, Yahoo! News, MacWorld, and other major media outlets.

The company is based in Kamas, Utah. You can learn more by visiting the official website here.

The Xenon Flash has officially received its funding target (several times over, in fact). The first backers will get their hands on the Xenon Flash starting in December 2016, with all other backers receiving it in January 2017.



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