Equipment Drones Explore AIR Review: Active Mid-Air Flight Stabilization Camera Drone

Explore AIR Review: Active Mid-Air Flight Stabilization Camera Drone


Explore AIR is a lightweight drone that remains steady as the camera records with a 120-degree wide angle view. With multiple gesture functions, consumers can operate this drone from afar with the simple remote controller.

What is Explore AIR?


Drones are becoming more and more popular amongst techies and photography enthusiasts, primarily for their way of getting angles and views that no other machine can. They offer a clear view from heights that the average person can’t get to, making them ideal for security images, artistic landscapes, and more.

The new Explore AIR model offers performance that can get every camera angle that consumers want with ideal stability.

The camera’s ultra-wide angle makes it possible for customers to rotate their view 120 degrees to give them a beautiful video or picture each time. To make sure videos are smooth and graceful, Explore AIR uses a new technology that easily stabilizes the flight as it happens.

Small enough to fit in a pocket, consumers can bring this camera drone wherever they go, whether they are enjoying a day at a local park or traveling on an exclusive cruise. Plus, a single charge is enough to keep the drone in the air for up to 15 minutes.

Buying Explore AIR

For a limited time, orders for Explore AIR Drone come with a special offer that reduces the price for each.

  • One Explore AIR for $99
  • Two Explore AIR for $159
  • Three Explore AIR for $197
  • Four Explore AIR for $249
  • Five Explore AIR for $297

Free delivery is available for all of the packages if the customer buys their Explore AIR today. If there are any issues with the package or the user wants to return it, they can be reached at

Explore Air Summary

The remote-controlled Explore AIR drone is easy to use and comes with its own stabilization features. The price is fairly low for such a compact design, and the 50% off deal won’t last long. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have many other details to show buyers what to expect, which means that they essentially have to take a leap of faith on their own to try it out.

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