Equipment Smart Watches eWatch: A Watch with HD Touchscreen and Status Updates

eWatch: A Watch with HD Touchscreen and Status Updates


eWatch is a device that allows consumers to interact with their status updates, physical activity, and sleep data with the use of an HD touchscreen. Consumers can purchase the watch from the official website in several different quantities.

What is eWatch?

In a time where the world primarily socializes and interacts online, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. There are plenty of websites and social media platforms to sign up on, but bringing a smartphone, tablet, or even computer everywhere is rather inconvenient, at best. When it becomes necessary to step away, reduce the risk of losing contact with a device like eWatch.

There are many products like eWatch online, but the price of any of these iWatch of FitBit devices is rather high. High tech wearables have been trending for a few years now, and the eWatch features the lightweight and sleek design that the public has come to love about these products. Rather than only synching with one operating system, the eWatch can connect with Android or iOS for notifications from any app, and consumers can even connect with their email.

Presently, consumers won’t be able to find out much about the eWatch, as the official website is limited in their details. However, considering that there’s a 14-day return policy, consumers can make their purchase and simply return it if it doesn’t offer all of the desired benefits.

Purchasing eWatch

The total cost of the watch will depend on how many eWatches the user wants to purchase in their transaction. Increasing the quantity will give them a better deal per eWatch. Choose from:

  • One eWatch: $79
  • Two eWatches: $145
  • Three eWatches: $189

Supply is limited for this product, though consumers can choose to pay with a debit card, a credit card, or PayPal.

Contacting Customer Service

When it comes to reaching the customer service team, the consumer’s location will determine what number they need to use.

  • USA: 347-708-1493
  • UK: +44 (20) 36086701
  • Spain: +34 911988049


The eWatch brings consumers a more affordable option than other big-name brands offer. With the ability to connect with either Android or iOS system, the watch offers flexibility that some models cannot, and the easy-to-read notifications keep consumers in touch wherever they are. This product comes with a 14-day return policy, just in case it doesn’t meet the needs of the customer adequately.



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