Equipment Headlamps & Lighting Ellipz Lighting Products Review – Save Energy LED Lighting?

Ellipz Lighting Products Review – Save Energy LED Lighting?


Ellipz Lighting Review

Ellipz Lighting is a Dutch lighting manufacturer that promises to revolutionize lighting by creating LEDs that perfectly match the sensitivity of the human eye. Here’s what you need to know about Ellipz Lighting.

What is Ellipz Lighting?

Ellipz Lighting is a lighting hardware manufacturer that promises to revolutionize our perception of light. The company describes itself as an innovation company first, and a lighting company second.

The company’s mission is to create LED lights that emit light that “perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye for indoor and night-time vision.”

This will theoretically lead to better visibility for humans while also reducing our energy consumption. Everybody wins.

So far, the company has sold over 50,000 lights around the world. Some of the company’s best-known clients include Starbucks, Shell, Hilton, and McDonald’s.

How Do Ellipz Lights Work?

Ellipz lights work by creating light that perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye for optimal vision. The company’s patented technology provides better visibility and color recognition while using less energy than conventional LED lamps to achieve the same degree of brightness.

The technology works using a breakthrough lighting concept that combines mesopic light with high S/P (Scotopic/Photopic) ratios.

Ellipz Lighting Products

Ellipz Lighting creates a variety of lighting products. To date, many of the company’s products are designed to light up public spaces. As Ellipz explains, “It is in these shared community places where light quality is of the utmost importance.”

For years, humans have been using lights with little concern for brightness. This has led to unnecessary energy consumption and even health problems in our eyes. By fine-tuning the brightness of indoor and outdoor lighting, Ellipz wants to improve humanity as a whole.

Some of the company’s core products include:

  • Ellipz Street Light SL1
  • Ellipz Street Lights SL2
  • High Bay HB1 and HB2
  • Ellipz High Bay HB2

All of these lights use a technology to matches “our core visual physiology”, utilizing the night-time receptors in our eyes to allow you to see better and brighter while using less energy than all other lighting solutions available today.

The four products listed above are the company’s best-known products. Other products sold by the company include street lights, flood lights, down lights, high bay lights, low bay lights, canopy lights, tube lights, and spot lights.

You can view a full range of company products here:

About Ellipz

Ellipz Lighting is a Dutch company founded in Holland when two members of the Philips family teamed up with inventor John Rooymans to create unique LED lighting concepts. The three founded a company called Lemnis Lighting.

Over the years, the company developed a strong presence across Europe before deciding to expand overseas. In 2014, Lemnis Lighting was rebranded to Ellipz Lighting.

Today, the company claims to have sold more than 50,000 LED public lighting products all over the world. The company maintains an office in the United States and has production and development centers in Asia.

The company is led by Frans Otten, founder and CEO, John Rooymans, founder and CTO, and Megan Havrda, CEO of Ellipz Lighting USA.

Over the years, the company has won several prestigious awards, including the Technology Pioneer Award at the World Economic Forum in 2009, The Fast Company Most Innovative Company, The Game Changer of the Year, and the Lighting Africa Award in 2009.

You can learn more about Ellipz here:

The American office of Ellipz Lighting is based in Los Angeles, California. You can get in touch by emailing or by calling 1-800-330-4987.




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