Comfy Sacks Bean Bag Review – Quality Comfortable Chair Loungers?

Comfy Sacks Review

Whether you are going to the beach or a music festival, having a comfortable and supportive chair on hand is crucial. If you are like most people though, you’re bound to buy a clunky piece of equipment that is difficult to carry around. If you are ready to transform the way that you approach comfort and your travels, then you may just want to incorporate Comfy Sacks into your list of items.


While the name of the product certainly is misleading, there is a good reason why it is called comfy bag, and this review promises that it has nothing to do with a literal bag. Here is everything you need to know about this comfortable and lightweight chair.

About Comfy Bag

The Comfy Sacks is actually a chair and it is one of the most comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry items that you’ll every take with you anywhere you go. Long gone will be the memory of carrying around three or four heavy chairs that you need to spend time setting up and putting away.

Comfy Bag has become a favorite among beach-goers, music-festival lovers, and those who are just looking for a great and simple way to lounge about. Once you rest yourself on the Comfy Bag, you’ll never want another type of chair again.


A Bag in Every Color

For many, the name Comfy Bag is misleading and in most cases, it conjures up the image of a literal bag. For those who are wondering, the name Comfy Bag isn’t random; there is actually a “method to the madness” so to say. The creators of the bag dubbed it “Comfy Bag” because it is the same shape and size as a large bag before you unfold it. Therefore, when you walk around with this bag, not only will you feel comfortable, but you’ll also look stylish.

To provide both men and women with colors they’d want to carry around, the brand has developed a range of tones. For example, the Comfy Bag comes in:

  • Pink
  • Electric blue
  • Electric green
  • Neon orange
  • Neon yellow
  • NYC Black

The colors are hip, up to date, and they’ll look great with whatever you are wearing.


As with every product, one of your main concerns should be durability. After all, there is no point in buying a product that won’t last. When it comes to the Comfy Bag, you can expect it to last you through terrain, rocky roads, indoors, and sandy beaches. The bag is made out of 100% Ripstop nylon and not just any kind of nylon, but parachute-grade. The coating on the back is polyurethane, which protects the bag from damage and tough terrains. Moreover, the coating also ensures that the bag is water resistant, that it is lightweight, and flexible enough for you to carry around and also to get comfortable in after it expands. Those who use the bag are extremely happy with the overall durable and high-quality materials used.

The Dimensions

Another quality that is important to consider are the dimensions of the bag. When the bag is completely deflated and placed within the carrying bag, its dimensions are 14x7x3.5 inches, which is pretty small.

On the other hand, when the Comfy Bag is fully inflated, its dimensions are 6.5×2.1×2.3 feet. As you can tell, the dimensions of the product are extremely different. It is also important to understand that the dimension of the closed product also depends on how well you roll it up and whether there is any leftover air. For the smallest possible dimensions, it is best to roll up the product completely and to remove any extra air.

A Three Step Process to Inflate

The Comfy Bag is an inflatable chair and as such, it is important to understand the inflation process. The good news is that the chair is extremely easy to inflate and it can be done in a matter of minutes. To inflate, simply follow the three-step process explained hereafter:

First, fill the sleeves with air. To do so, grab the ends of the comfy bag and then inflate them. Second, once the sleeves are inflated, roll them up and flap them so that the chair is completely sealed from leaks. Then, connect and snap the ends together.  Third, enjoy the chair. As you can tell, filling up your chair with air can be done in no time.

Once you fill the chair up with air, it is meant to last you 5-6 hours, so long as you sealed it very well so that no air escapes. If you do lose any air, then refilling the chair is very easy too. Essentially, the makers of the product wanted to ensure that using the chair and setting up is extremely easy and as you can tell, they’ve achieved that goal successfully.

To deflate the chair, just unsnap it and roll it up very well. The better you roll it up, the smaller and more compartmentalized it will be for you to carry around. As a whole, the Comfy Bag weight 2.4 pounds, so you can drop it in your backpack and continue your trip.

Cleaning the Comfy Bag

Another great quality to Comfy Bag is that you can clean it by simply dropping it in your washing machine on low tumble and a cold rinse.

It is very important to remember not to place your comfy bag in the dyer. Doing so will melt you bag.

To properly dry your Comfy Bag, just let it air dry.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Chances are, you’ll love your Comfy Bag. But, in the event that you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, then the brand offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. To start the return process, simply contact the brand and the representatives will work with you to process your return.


Overall, the Comfy Bag is a great product that is highly recommended for anyone looking for a good and comfortable time. The portable, lightweight, and comfortable qualities of this product make it one that is worth investing in. Moreover, if you take care of your Comfy Bag, it is bound to last.



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