Equipment ClearStream Cable Saver: Indoor Antenna Provides Full HDTV?

ClearStream Cable Saver: Indoor Antenna Provides Full HDTV?


What Is The ClearStream Cable Saver?

The new HDTV antenna is in high demand and as of Tuesday March 20th, 2018 – there is said to be a limited number of the new ClearStream electronic available. There is also a 50% off promotion that you can take advantage of if you act soon. It’s rated as the number one indoor HDTV antenna in the United States.

How The ClearStream Cable Saver HDTV Antenna Works

The antenna is designed to be used by people who won HD TVs and want to get exceptional reception without having to pay a tremendous amount of money on cable or satellite TV. The average American home is said to pay over $750 a year on cable or satellite entertainment. And the point is, people are spending too much money, essentially getting ripped off by the major cable companies and digital satellite companies, with no power to do anything about it.

The antenna was supposedly developed by a NASA scientist to help improve the way antennas pick up and receive signals from the air. Apparently, he developed it to give the everyday person a way to fight back against the larger cable companies and enjoy television shows without having to pay an arm and a leg. Not only that, but it was developed to pick up signals in HD because of the nature of TV sets and newer advancements in technology. The scientist from NASA wanted to make it so people could enjoy cable without having to give all of their cash that they worked so hard for to the cable and satellite companies.

The antenna uses the most advanced, cutting edge technology that has ever been developed apparently. It’s along with the same level of that used by the military and NASA and can pick up signals in full HD. It has a long range as far as eighty km and works anywhere in the USA – even the countryside apparently.

Not only that, but the antenna is said to operate with a dual band reception signal that picks up VHF/UHF and has a 20 dB gain as well. You can get your favorite channels in HD when using the ClearStream HDTV antenna as long as you live in the United States.

It’s ideal for picking up the local news and weather from your home as well as to watch live sports from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and Golf or even Tennis and College Games among others. It will also pick up your favorite TV shows, so you can relax at home after a hard day’s work. They claim that the antenna will pick up more than a hundred HD TV channels, including the premium ones.

Setup is also easy when using the antenna, it sets up in just a matter of minutes and works instantly. All you have to do to use the antenna is place it anywhere indoors, on the wall, window or any other flat and vertical surface. It works with the adhesive tape that has been included, and after that you run the typical channel scan and are ready to go.

The antenna is a small size of just 13 by 12 inches and works great in your home, RV or when traveling. The antenna also has great reviews and is being used by people across the globe to improve their ability to enjoy television in full HD.

ClearStream Cable Saver Conclusion

This is said to be the best antenna in the United States and the only one that will pick up channels in full HD. You can pick one up at and get it for 50% off as of right now. After easily installing it, you’ll be able to watch your favorite HDTV shows from anywhere in the united states without having to pay an arm and a leg like you would if you had traditional cable.



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