Electronics Tactical Flashlights BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Flashlight Review by Survival Giant

BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Flashlight Review by Survival Giant


BrightMAX 3000 Review

The BrightMAX 3000 is a new “military-grade” tactical flashlight that promises to keep you safe from domestic terrorism. Here’s our review of how it might be different than the popular G700 flashlight.

What is the BrightMAX 3000?

BrightMAX 3000 is a recently-released flashlight available through an 80% discount offer online. The flashlight has appeared in advertisements where it promises to help you feel safer in your own home and protect yourself from domestic terrorism.

The flashlight also makes some bold claims about its benefits, including:

-100 times brighter flash than an average smartphone camera flash

-Military grade

-Used by the US Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, and emergency services across America

The lights are priced at about $40 online. That’s their normal retail price – so don’t fall for the whole “75% to 80% off” offers you see online. Everybody gets that discount.

BrightMAX 3000 Features

The BrightMAX 3000 comes with all of the following features:

-5 Modes: High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe

-Telescoping Focus: x1, x250, x500, x1000, x2000

-“Aircraft grade aluminum”

-100,000 hours lamp life

-Beveled edge “for self defense”

-Cree XM-L T6 Bulb

-3000 lumens

-Runs on 3 AAA batteries

Is It Actually Used by Military Forces?

The BrightMAX 3000 claims to be military grade and it also claims to be used by US military personnel much like the Shadowhawk flashlight.

Well, that last point is a little bit hazy. The manufacturer of BrightMAX 3000 doesn’t explicitly say that the flashlight is used by our military forces. Instead, here’s what they say in the official product description:

“This light’s incredible LED technology is used by the U.S. Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, U.S. Search and Rescue and now it’s been placed inside of an amazing Flashlight called the BrightMAX 3000.”


There’s a big difference between saying the flashlight is used by military personnel and saying the flashlight’s LED technology is used by military personnel.

Basically, all that means is that military forces use LED technology. So does Samsung, Apple, and NASA. Everyone uses LED technology.

There’s absolutely no evidence that this flashlight can be found on the military personnel, police officers, or any other emergency services.

But It’s Military Grade, Right?

When a product calls itself, “military grade”, it doesn’t mean as much as you think.

Basically, any product can call itself military grade without going through any sort of certification process.

As mentioned above, there’s no evidence that the flashlight is used by any military forces in the world today.

Could it be military grade? Possibly. But since it’s not actively used by any military forces at this time, it’s not genuinely military grade.

What About the Aircraft Grade Aluminum?

Aircraft grade aluminum is another feature that’s a bit of a misnomer.

Aircraft manufacturers use an aluminum alloy calls 6061 aluminum alloy. The alloy has been around since 1935 and is made mostly from aluminum (96% to 98.5%) along with a handful of other metals, including silicon, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, zinc, and titanium.

The alloy is strong but flexible. You can also customize the alloy to meet different needs. By heat treating the material, you can change the tensile strength from as little as 18,000 psi to as much as 42,000 psi.

The same aluminum alloy used to make tactical flashlights (the basic 6061 alloy) is also used to make things like:

-Aluminum cans (like the ones used for food and beer)

-Scuba tanks

-Bicycle frames

-Fly fishing reels

When you say that a flashlight has the same aluminum that you see in “aluminum cans”, it doesn’t sound as fancy as saying “aircraft grade aluminum”.

Anyways, the aluminum in the BrightMAX 3000 does appear to be of a high level of quality. If the alloy is genuinely the alloy that it claims to be, then the flashlight should put up with a considerable amount of wear and tear.

It’s also interesting to note that under the list of items made using the 6061 aluminum alloy, someone has recently added “tactical flashlights” to the list on Wikipedia. That edit wasn’t placed until recently – with the wide range of similar flashlights that have suddenly appeared on the market, it seems one manufacturer decided to let Wikipedia know.

Can I Use It For Self Defense?

One of the key features of the BrightMAX 3000 is the fact that you can use it for self-defense. The manufacturer heavily advertises the fact that you can fight off terrorists (seriously) or burglars with it.

The secret self-defense power behind the BrightMAX 3000 (aside from its bright light) is the beveled edge.

That beveled edge is just a ridge surrounding the tip of the flashlight.

The problem is that the flashlight does not appear to be considerably heavy: it’s made from aluminum, not lead. So you’re still going to have to swing it pretty hard to cause any sort of damage.

If an attacker is so close to you that you’re able to swing a flashlight at his or her head, then you’re probably not going to win a fight if the attacker has a real weapon.

With that in mind, the best way to use the BrightMAX 3000 for self-defense is to shine its bright light.

BrightMAX 3000 Pricing

The BrightMAX 3000, like many similar flashlights on the market today, is available through an offer advertised as being 75% or 80% off.

In reality, there’s no possible way to order the flashlight at its supposed “regular” price. The 75% or 80% off price is the only price you see online – so don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting some ridiculous discount.

With that in mind, here are the two pricing offers available for the BrightMAX 3000 flashlight:

-1 BrightMAX Light: $49.95

-2 BrightMAX Lights: $89.95

You can pay using PayPal or any major credit card at the site’s secure online form. Shipping is included anywhere in America.

Who Makes BrightMAX 3000?

BrightMAX 3000 is made by a company named Survival Giant. That company lists its address as:

PO Box 872

Beebe, AR 72012

You can contact the company toll-free at 800-759-4904.

SurvivalGiant.com sells a variety of survivalist-oriented materials, including storable food supplies, t-shirts, and survival kits.

Ultimately, the BrightMAX 3000 isn’t a bad flashlight: but it’s not quite as good as the advertisements claim either. It’s not actually military-grade, because it’s not used by any military forces in the world today. It’s also not available through some amazing 80% offer, because everybody gets that discount and the so-called “regular price” of $200 cannot be found online. Nevertheless, it does shine a bright light and it has more weight to it than the average flashlight, which could make it an adequate self-defense tool.



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