Electronics Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review – Powerful 500 Lumen LED?

Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review – Powerful 500 Lumen LED?


Tactical or Military Grade flashlights are an all new range of lighting devices that have become available for commercial purchase in the past decade.

In their essence, these lights feature an advanced optical lens system that have been found to offer users with high luminosity and amazing zoom capabilities. Apart from the lighting intensity, these devices also offer more in terms of technical features when compared to traditional flashlights.

Some of the key features of tactical grade lights which make them unique include smaller battery sizes, optimal lighting focus systems, increased illumination ability.

Regular torches instead use bulky batteries which fail to deliver adequate current ratios and thus are able to offer only low levels of lighting. Similarly, they are quite heavy and difficult to lug around, thus making their portability quite low.

Lastly, another major problem with regular torches is that they discharge quite easily, and since they don't usually feature rechargeable battery sources, they often die out easily. Also, due to the use of batteries, there is a high chance of the outer body rusting (if the environmental conditions are moist and humid).

What Is Army Gear Z9?

The Army Gear Z9 is an all new military grade flashlight that features LED bulbs that are currently being used by the Army Rangers and the Marine Corp. In terms of its functionality, the Army Gear Z9 incorporates within it a bulb that has a capacity of 500 lumen.

In fact, upon clinical testing, it has been found that the LED light delivers a high intensity beam that can be seen from 1-2 miles away. Secondly, the tactical light also includes an adjustable zoom function that has five modes including a strong, soft, and SOS mode. The latter being highly disorienting and can keep potential attackers at bay.

Army Gear Z9 Key Features

Portable: to increase its portability and ease of use, the Z9 has comes along with a convenient padded carrying case, a rechargeable battery, & a fully adjustable charger.

Durability: the outer body is made of ultra hardened aircraft grade aluminum that has been clinically tested. After rigorous experimentation, it has been found that the Aluminium can withstand high pressure and temperatures up to 4k degree Fahrenheit. Lastly, since the aluminium is made using special metallurgical processes, it is virtually indestructible

Camouflage Design: to give the flashlight a completely military aesthetic design, it has been dressed in modern infantry camo print. This not only gives the Z9 an appealing look, but also makes it much more easier to hide and disguise (in one’s clothing, baggage etc)

Long Life: as mentioned earlier, the bulb is of military grade that has been highly rated by relevant authorities. In fact, after laboratory testing, it has been found that each LED bulb inside the flashlight can be used for up to 100,000 hours.

Army Gear Z9 Reviews

Based upon more than 60 reviews, the Z9 Flashlight has been found to possess a rating of 4.9/5 stars.

Satisfied customers include Zach S. who says ‘I wasn't initially expecting much from the flashlight, but when i finally got my hands on it, was pleasantly surprised. It features a highly focused beam that enables me to see quite far, and allows for my camping trips to become much more fruitful.’

Similarly, Carly P. says ‘ The Z9 meets all of my expectations well. Since i live in London it gets dark quite early. I use the flashlight to go for my evening walks, and it does the job quite well’.

Lastly, Tanveer J. says ‘For the price, there is nothing quite like it in the market. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high quality, budget flashlight’.

Purchasing Army Gear Z9

A single unit of the Army Gear Z9 is available for a reasonable price of $19.99. In terms of its availability, it can be purchased at the official web store of the company, or through the manufacturers online amazon portal. Payments can be done using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.



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