Electronics Assistive Technology Animoto Review – Platform To Make Quality Professional Online Videos?

Animoto Review – Platform To Make Quality Professional Online Videos?


Animoto Review

Animoto is an online video making platform that promises to help anyone make great videos easily. Here’s our Animoto review.


What Is Animoto?

Animoto is an online video platform that makes it easy for anyone – even those who are bad with computers – to make professional-looking videos.

Animoto is so easy that its entire video creation process can be condensed into three steps, including:

Step 1) Pick a style and song

Step 2) Customize using photos, videos, and text

Step 3) Produce and share your video

There are versions of Animoto available for business, photography, and family users.

Animoto for Family (Personal)

Animoto for Family promises to turn your personal photos and video clips into professional videos. Some of the key features of Animoto for Family include:

-Beautiful Styles: Choose from one of over 50 different slideshow styles to fit the occasion and theme of the video.

-Easy to Use: Create a video in minutes with no video expertise required.

-Shareable Videos: Easily share your videos over email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

-Apps: Mobile apps are available for iPhone and Android users. These apps let you create and share videos using the pictures and video clips already on your phone. You can also download videos you’ve already made on your computer.

-HD Resolution: Videos are created in HD and are available to stream from Animoto.com in 720p (all videos on the Personal plan are in 720p; you need to bump up to the Professional or Business plans for 1080p).

Animoto for Photographers (Professional)

Also known as the Professional plan, Animoto claims this is their most popular plan. It comes with premium styles and the ability to make 1080p videos. You also get more intense personalization options – like the ability to make your own styles instead of choosing from a range of pre-selected options. Animoto’s features break down like this:

-Custom Styles: Choose background colors and fonts in customizable video styles to match your desired custom look.

-Advanced Editing Tools: Tailor each client video by weaving together multiple songs. You can also control the pace of images – something you can’t do with the cheapest plan.

-Video Fusion: Blend video clips and photographs together seamlessly into one video.

-Branding: You can brand each video to match the distinctive style of your studio.

-Commercially-Licensed Music: Choose from over 1000+ licensed tracks, from country music to instrumentals.

-Viewer Analytics: Get real-time feedback on your video’s performance, including where and how often your videos are viewed.

-Call to Action Button: Prompt viewers to visit your website after viewing a video.

Animoto for Business

Animoto for Business includes many of the same features as Animoto’s Professional package with some changes. Some of the key features include:

-Premium Styles: Access dozens of video styles with unique filters, transitions, and other customization options. You can showcase your brand in a professional way.

-Commercially-Licensed Music: Choose from 1000+ commercially-licensed songs.

-Customizable Options: Customize video styles and choose background colors and fonts to align the video with your company’s unique brand.

-Unlimited Use of HD Videos: Create an unlimited number of videos.

-Add Company Logos: You can add your company’s logo to the start or end of your video or your client’s logo at the end of the video.

-Download: Download all videos for offline viewing or to burn them to a DVD.

-Shareable: Share videos over social media or email.

-Call to Action: Link viewers to a website or offer after watching your video.

-Video Hosting: Animoto hosts your videos in the cloud so they can easily be accessed from anywhere you have internet.

Animoto Pricing

Animoto is available at three different prices. All three subscription levels have both an annual and monthly payment option. You can save a lot of money by paying for Animoto annually:

  • Personal: $26 per month ($13 paid annually)
  • Professional: $39 per month ($26 paid annually)
  • Business: $52 per month ($39 paid annually)

The Professional and Business plans comes with a 14 day free trial with no credit card required.

About Animoto

Animoto was founded in 2006 and is a privately-held company based in New York City. The company’s LinkedIn page describes how they “believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate what you care most deeply about – whether that’s your family, business, or a cause.”

Should You Use Animoto to Create Videos?

Animoto’s high-end pricing may put it out of reach of many average consumers – especially if you just want to make a cute family video out of a handful of photo albums on your computer.

However, companies or photographers that need to frequently create videos may find Animoto’s pricing to be worth the investment.

Keep in mind that if you like the appearance of Animoto videos, but only need to make one or two videos, then you can take advantage of the free trial option.

Alternatively, there are resellers available online who will create Animoto videos for you at a discount rate. These users appear to own Professional or Business accounts – so you get Animoto-quality videos without paying the high subscription fees.

In any case, Animoto is a convenient – albiet pricey – way to make high-quality, professional-looking videos for those with minimal computer skills.




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